We are always looking for quicker ways to create our quilts.  I can remember when I first started my quilting journey, making one half square triangle was a great accomplishment.  Then came two at a time, four at a time and 8 at a time.

I’m in the process of updating one of my online workshops and the quilt that goes with it has lots of half square triangles. In fact, there were eighty, so making them as quickly and as easily as possible was a real game changer.

Watch the video to see how you can create sixteen half square triangles at a time.

For this particular quilt, I cut the starting squares at 14″ and trimmed the squares to 4 1/2″.

I’m going to challenge my club members to creating a batch of half square triangles and seeing what they can create.  Why don’t you have a go and share your finished projects with us.

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