Hi All

Just a quick blog for you all today.  At the recent UKQU Bloggers quilting retreat, I was introduced to cutting using a strip ruler. There are many brands out there but the one shown below is typical of most. 


It has grooves every 1/2 inch to allow you to cut out many pieces of fabric at once. I thought I would give it a go on my latest project, a quilt for my Brother and Sister-in-law.

I took a layer cake and wanted to cur it into 4 /12 inch squares, which meant cutting at the 4 1/2 and 6 1/2 inch lines.

It worked really well but what I found was I kept using the wrong line, which lead to a few pieces being cut at the wrong size. After the 4th or 5th time of doing it wrong and getting annoyed, I had a bran wave. I used washi tape to cover the lines either side of the one I need to cut. And voila ! no more making the wrong cuts. I wish I had thought of it sooner.

Till Next Time Happy Sewing

Love Dotty