The one thing everyone wants are sharp points and an accurate quilt.   Even the most experienced amongst us strive to achieve this.

We can have as many gadgets and gizmos as we like, but at the end of the day it’s attention to detail .. accuracy .. that counts.   Rushing things will not help at all.   Taking time to measure the fabric, pressing  before cutting, and the old adage – measure twice and cut once – really helps.   Pressing every stage of the construction keeps things tidy too.   We all know this, but do we always do it?

But there are other hints that can help.   I heard one today (OK so I was watching one of the shopping channels.. but hey, it was a holiday, it was quilting, what more can I say!).

When we are creating a block quilt sew the first block together and measure the finished size.   We have already measured the fabric and cut the shapes we are putting together accurately of course!

By making sure we have the correct seam allowance will ensure our points are pointy and each block marries to the next one perfectly!

So a 6 inch block will measure 6.5 inches top to bottom or side to side, allowing the additional half inch to be taken up when stitching the block together.    An 8 inch finished block will measure 8.5 inches square and so on.  You get the picture.  If it’s not correct you have the opportunity to adjust things without ruining the whole quilt.  Once the seam allowance has been set then it should come together much better.

Don’t be fooled by thinking if you are a smidge out it wont matter because it will and many block patterns rely on accurate cutting AND stitching together to come out well.

Taking time like this will really benefit your quilting.