Composition: 50% soyabean/50% cotton

The Vlieseline web site quotes “ Softer and smoother than traditional waddings/battings. For quilts, wall hangings and clothing etc.”

So what did I think?

The wadding is unbleached and quite patchy colour wise however it is very soft and a nice smooth regular thickness. It does drape nicely.

The website suggests a maximum quilting distance of 10cm – and indicates that some shrinkage may occur. So I decided to make up 3 samples.

One hand quilted with big stitches (as I don’t have the patience for those nice neat small quilting stitches) – note the white is chalk markings not bearding, the next is quilted closely and the third further apart – but less than 10cm.

Most of my quilts are utility quilts and I use a lot of darker colours so bearding is something I always have to watch out for. I will add at this point that I am not the most gifted quilter and I usually quilt using a thread that blends in as I quilt more for the lovely texture quilting adds – I have used a variegated thread this time so that you can see the quilting – so please do not judge my efforts to harshly!

Given that the wadding was soft and uniform and did not appear to have much loft I was pleasantly surprised to find that the quilting gave depth in all 3 samples. It was easy to sandwich and it stayed in place whilst I quilted.

1. Hand quilting – I used a coton a broder thread and a sharp embroidery needle – it was a joy to quilt – the needle and thread slipped through effortlessly and there was some good stitch definition adding texture

2. Close machine quilting – The effect was quite pleasing although like all wadding the close quilting made the sample a little stiffer – not a problem for wall hangings, table runners or other such items but for a quilt or item of clothing you may prefer less quilting to retain the drape and softness

3. Wider machine quilting – Stayed soft and still quite pleasing stich definition. I can see this would be great for clothing items.

Next – I threw all three into the washing machine – I make quilts to be used (and abused) so they must withstand the washing machine.

Shrinkage was about 4% – no bearding! The washed and dried (not ironed) results are below.


So to summarise – I liked using this wadding – particularly for hand quilting as it was so easy even with a thicker thread and needle.

It retails from £9.00 a meter (152cm (60”)wide). Although I have seen it from £7.50 a meter for a full 15 m roll.