Denim fabrics are trendy and not just for jeans. Authentic, sturdy and cool, denim bags, backpacks, pillow cases or vase covers are just a few examples that make for great denim accessories.

Denim 100m is the go-to jeans thread that lets you be as creative and stylish as the professionals. Whether creating something from new denim or upcycling an old pair of jeans, this strong thread is easy to use and gives robust stitching on a low thread tension. Gütermann Denim thread performs exceptionally well as needle or bobbin thread, even when using several layers of fabric or stitching seams together.

As the name suggests, it is really tough and thanks to its high resistance to scrubbing and colour fastness, it provides the ideal basis for your own fashion highlights.

New from Gütermann creativ, the Denim Box contains 12 spools of 100m Jeans Thread, 5 Jeans Sewing Machine Needles (thickness NM90, 100 and 110) and 3 artificial leather labels. Each set is presented in a beautiful tin for attractive, permanent storage. RRP £35.90 approx.