Scrappy Quilts

I have been working on this “scrappy” quilt for about 2.5 years.

I started it with a few scraps from another project, my intention was to was to make a couple of the blocks as a challenge. However, as you can see, I got carried away and have had to buy yardage as I soon ran out of scraps. So, is it still a scrappy quilt?

What is a scrappy quilt?

I suppose one interpretation is that a scrappy quilt should be made only from left over fabrics. Where anything and everything is used regardless of colour or design like the one below.

However, this approach is for me too busy, it lacks cohesion, there is no common factor that joins it together as a quilt and it is far too “busy”. (Please remember this is a personal opinion.) I like  neatness and order, this runs through my approach to quilt making so for me this is just the opposite. It is chaos, utterly crazy but for others maybe that is its appeal.

I prefer a more ordered approach, a coordinating colour scheme or a single background fabric, a common factor which gives the quilt structure and an identifiable design. So, although the quilt below is made from scraps the background brings it all together and emphasises the design.

The quilt below was one I made from a jelly roll and yardage (meterage?)

The use of a single colour background gives the quilt cohesion and brings out the pattern in the design but it still has a scrappy look to it.

Collecting Scraps

When I first started patchwork I just threw all my scraps in a box, regardless of colour, design, size or fabric type but collecting this scraps way makes it time consuming when looking for fabrics for a project. Over time I have developed a method of collecting scraps in a way which works with the way I use scraps. When I am cutting fabric for a project I have 2 baskets, 1 for pieces I will use and 1 for those that are too small to use, although I don’t know what I would use them for, but some how I can’t bring myself to bin them.

I bag them up when I have finished the project I am working on, I then box them along with any bigger pieces and then I know the fabrics work together and I don’t have to rummage for them.

I don’t like rummaging, hate T K Max and any shops were the goods are just randomly stacked and the store appears cluttered (this applies to fabric shops too).

Have a look at the links below for more ideas and free resources.

Happy scrappy quilting