We all need a seam unpick at some point. Usually a few as I find they go walkabout quit regularly. I was recently sent the Hemline Seam Fix Dual Tip to try and, as you can never have too many, I gave it a go.


As the name suggests its dual ended. A larger seam ripper along with a regular sized, smaller one. Both ends are covered by caps with have a silicon type ridged bulb at the top. The larger blade is an ideal for heavier weight upholstery and fabrics such as denim. The smaller blade is perfect for the normal dressmaking, patchwork and quilting seams.

It sits neatly in the hand and I needed’t have worried about the larger size. It is definitely comfortable to use. I liked to see that both the blades have the small beads on the smaller or the two points. For those of you that don’t know what these are for: You hold the twin blade at a right angle to the seam with the smaller beaded point beneath the thread line and the longer point above. Pinch the seam with your other hand and you can then work the blade forward without piercing the fabric. It is a little quicker doing it this way but I don’t always use this method.

The thing that really impressed and surprised me were the bulbs on the top of the caps. You know when you have taken out some sewing and you get those tiny snippets of thread lying around everywhere? Use the bulb to rub and it gathers them up making it much easier to dispose of them.

Another thing I haven’t done before was to use the same ‘rubber’ to remove the needle holes left by the sewing. I was stunned that this worked to be honest. I rubbed the holes with the bulb and the holes just worked themselves away. Brilliant if you are not planning on washing the item.

I have been impressed and hooked on the Seam Fix Dual Tip seam ripper now the thing is how to stop it running away!

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