Not sure if you’ve been visiting our Facebook group UK Quilters United recently, but I floated the idea of starting a set of challenges inspired by the BBC series Great British Sewing Bee, but with a patchwork and quilting twist. In less than 24 hours over 150 quilters have said that they are interested!

I am currently working on the first few challenges for our UKQU Sewing Challenge, but I can already now let you know that all challenges will be focused on general sewing including making garments, accessories, things for the home and perhaps some charity related makes too. The twist will be that all challenges require some type of patchwork/quilting technique or element incorporated.

The idea is to have some fun and perhaps also make us use our patchwork and quilting skills across a wider sewing spectrum.

The first challenge will be revealed at the end of June or early July. All challenges will be announced on the website and in our main Facebook group, UK Quilters United. To start off, the main Facebook group will also be where we share our ideas, progress shots and finished makes. Depending on the number of posts for the UKQU Sewing Challenge compared with other quilting posts in the main group, we may move everything related to the Challenge to a dedicated group at a later stage (see below).

If you’d like to have a general chat about the UKQU Sewing Challenge, I have set up a new Facebook group called UKQU Sewing Challenge for all those off-topic discussions that may pop up. Please do feel free to join the group and start chatting already now. Who knows, I may even be influenced by suggestions for challenges posted… You are welcome to join the group even if you’d just like to have a look, but you must be a member of our main group UK Quilters United to join, and best of all, everyone is already pre-approved!

Let’s have some fun! x

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