February is coming up, and with it Payday finally thank goodness. But more importantly, the second part of my Calendar Block of the Month!  The pattern is available to download at the UK Quilters Shop

Here’s Annetta’s January ‘J’. She’s used snowflake fabric for the J, I wonder if she’ll use similarly appropriate fabric for each month? I love this idea.

by Annetta Cossey

If marking off the months isn’t for you, how about using it in a different way. You could have guests sign the month when they visit, in Pigma pen, or embroider over the signatures for extra permanence. You could add birthdays and anniversaries to each month and maybe next year hubby won’t forget your anniversary if it’s on the quilt you put on his chair! Okay, I know that’s a stretch, most guys wouldn’t remember it if you tattooed it on his forehead…

Each month there’s a different initial to piece and a new applique to add.  Heres the ones so far.

I’m not showing you the rest of them yet, you’ll just have to wait. And I love it when you make it your own so feel free to embellish on my basic design as you like 🙂

If you are joining in, please share your photos on UK Quilters United on Facebook, and tag them with #calendarbom2020 so we can enjoy them all together.