Love them or hate them a Christmas Candle Wreath is so easy to make and, with Christmas just around the corner once again, I wanted to show you how I made mine last Christmas. There are lots of examples on a range of internet sites so I thought I’d have a go at writing some instructions as I go along.

There are a range of different designs out there: 2 colourways, 3 colourways, quilted, 2 layers … check them out and choose for yourself. I chose 3 colourways, simply because I looked at my stash of Christmas themed fabric and used what I had enough of. … Although I was tempted to go buy some more … you can never have enough fabric, right?

This project is ideal for a beginner and, if you’re focused, it only takes a couple of hours to make. So simple and easy, it makes an ideal gift or can be something to keep yourself!

What you will need:

6½” by 39″ of fabric A [or 1 fat quarter]

6½” by 39″ of fabric B [or 1 fat quarter]

12″ by 36″ of fabric C [or 2 fat quarters]

13″ by 39″ fusible wadding (iron on interfacing)


Optional: bows, pearls, beads etc

Finished size: approx. 20 inches diameter

Cutting Out

Cut 6 – 6 ½” squares from fabric A (Light Snowman)

Cut 6 – 6 ½” squares from fabric B (Dark Snowman)

Cut 12 – 6 ½” squares from backing fabric C (Blue/Silver Star)

Cut 12 – 6″ squares from the fusible wadding


1. Using a ¼” seam, place the squares right sides together and sew around the edges, leaving an opening so you can turn the squares inside out.

2. Iron fusible wadding/interfacing to wrong side of fabric A & B squares

3. Trim the corners and turn the square inside out,

4. Using a matching thread, hand sew the openings closed

5. Press

6. Optional – top stitch in a contrasting thread

7. This should give you a 6” finished square.

Assembling the Candle Wreath

On your finished square, using a chalk, marker or a pin:

(see diagram below)

8. Mark 3” either side of the top point: A–>B

9. Mark 1” either side of the opposite (bottom) point: C–>D

10. On 6 of your squares mark a line from B –> D on either side (see below)

11.Take two of your squares (I alternated the dark and light snowman fabric for mine), match and pin at B & D, Sew along the line B —>D.

12. Continue to do this until all the squares have been sewn together – this will form the wreath ring.

13. Hand sew point E to point E using matching thread.

14. Add beads or bows as desired.

Voila – your finished Candle Wreath. Add a candle, some pine cones and a star and you’re ready to go!

Want to get more adventurous? Check out the internet and you will find lots of examples of candle wreaths; some with another layer using smaller squares, the addition of a contrasting binding or seasonal themes such as Easter, Halloween etc.

Happy sewing everyone. If you do make one why not share on UKQU Instagram and Twitter?


Carol Lightburn (Twitter @quiltsewgo )


    1. Carol Lightburn Post author

      Thanks Maggie. I try to find something I haven’t made before and that can be easily replicated by anyone. Whilst I’m confident with my sewing ability I feel like a beginner when I try something different and it reminds me that others might feel the same.