I was lucky enough to be sent the Makower UK Festive Range of fabric squares to review recently, can you imagine, Christmas fabric in April, what fun!!!

Makower UK Festive Range

The bundle of 14 squares arrived and they were so pretty with shiny gold in the print on some of them and I loved the prints, they were fun and cheerful. The fabric was good quality and not thin or see through and only 3 of the squares were directional.

Now for the big decision, what to make?

When I think of Christmas I think of fabulous food, Christmas stockings, decorations, advent calendars filled with treats, did I already mention delicious food…?

I laid out the squares and decided that I would make my first ever Christmas stocking. I cut up the squares into quarters and sewed them together to form a scrappy rectangular shape. I cut a piece of wadding and pinned the fabric to it and then I lightly quilted the two together so that the stocking would be puffy and have texture.

I had a Blue Peter moment and stuck 3 sheets of scrap paper together with Sellotape and I drew a stocking shape which I cut out and laid on top of the quilted fabric, that was folded in half with right sides together. I pinned the paper onto the folded fabric and cut around the paper template leaving about half of an inch all the way around.

Christmas stocking

I sewed the two halves of the stocking together, right sides facing in. I had some fluffy white fabric scraps (no idea what it is) that I cut a 16 x 4inch piece from. I sewed the ends together to form a tube, turned it right side out, and fitted it into the inside of the stocking and matched up the seam at the back of the stocking with the tube seam, and I placed a short hanging strip, folded in half at the back and then stitched all the way around the top, securing all three pieces together. I folded the white tube out and over onto the stocking to form the top.

I was really happy with my first ever stocking and now I was on a roll.

I looked at the off cut that was left over from when I cut out the stocking pieces and I opened it out, it was a fairly good-sized squarish piece. I decided that there was enough fabric there to make an apron for my little granddaughter. I squared the piece off and dug out some red fabric from my scraps and found a piece large enough to back the apron, I cut it slightly larger than the apron and just rolled the edges forward and stitched them down, great result, no need to bind!

I had some strips of calico type fabric that had been wrapped around fat quarter bundles that I had brought, I used these for the neckband and ties on the apron. Job done!

I looked at the scraps that I had left and decided that yes, there were enough pieces left for me to make an advent calendar. I had a red scrap piece of polar fleece that was left over from a previous project and a piece of cotton I squared them both off making sure that the cotton was a couple of inches larger than the fleece all the way around. On one short end of the fleece, I turned it over and sewed a line from end to end, creating a little tube for a hanging rod to be inserted.

I had 24 squares of the Christmas fabric, which I lined up in rows across the fleece top and stitched them on leaving the top unstitched to create little pockets. I sewed the cotton to the back, rolling the edges forward to self-bind it.

I just need to number the squares somehow, buy a hanging rod and some ribbon and the advent calendar will be complete.

The Makower fabric was lovely to work with, it did not slip when sewing, there was no fraying and the fabrics all coordinated together beautifully.

Overall, I am really happy with the advent calendar, apron and stocking as these were all ‘firsts’ for me. As was my Christmas in April.