Not content with the challenges set by ‘The Webmaster’, I decided to take part in a challenge week over in a Facebook Group.  Most of the people in the group are paper crafters, but I decided I’d take part and translate it to fabric.  It’s a great way to get the brain working and to try different techniques and styles.  One of the themes was ‘Circles’ so I spent a few days having a think.

Time was spent trawling the internet to see if anything sparked any thoughts.  I didn’t want to do piecing so ended up doing some appliqué.  First I created some circles to add to the quilt.  They were different sizes and colours.  I think I had the circles made before I had chosen the background fabric.  The white on white spot fabric seemed perfect, more circles.

The spots found their way to the reverse of the quilt too as I used a very pale mauve with white spots.  Once it was all layered up, I had fun with the free motion quilting.  Watch the video to get a closer look and some details of how I made it.

I’m delighted with the way it’s turned out.  The circles remind me of an imaginary galaxy and gives the quilt a modern feel. I’m so pleased to have taken the challenge.

Trying new techniques or styles, using different colours or patterns is a great way to keep our quilting fresh.   If you’ve tried something different, do share your experiences with us, we’d love to hear about them.  I’m looking forward to trying something different in my next quilt.