The best of the show from NSW is a work by Pamela Brockwell entitled Star Link. This quilt beautifully displays the skill of the quiltmaker in piecing, applique and quilting. The use of colour values in each star makes this quilt glow and the stars almost seem to twinkle.The circles around the edge are each backed and turned and around thumbnail size.The small stars have pieces 1/8 inch wide. It’s a beautiful quilt and amazing work.

Star Link by Pamela Brockwell

The stars are deceptively simple. The use of one colour in different values gives definition to the various points of the star and unity to the whole. I estimate there is around 150 pieces in each star (16 sections with around 9 fabrics per section). Now look at the beautiful quilting. See how there appears to be a light and dark grey circle between the pink and yellow star? The close up of the quilting shows the detail of this. I love the embossed look of the quilting which so effectively adds another dimension to the work.

‘The Innocent’ by Adriana Newtown of South Australia is one of my personal favourites. Her work speaks poignantly and sensitively of the effect of war on children. The use of the branches and the arch frame the child in his or her isolation and the use of colour focuses the eye. Truly, this is an amazing quilt.

The Innocent by Adriana Newtown

The close up shows the detail in the threadwork and the quilting. It is beautifully done.

I just love the detail in this work. I love the use of colour and threadwork to create the shadows, the highlights on the rocks, the details of the child’s hands. There are even toenails.

From WA we have a really fresh and crisp quilt from Tracey Borelli entitled ‘Bird is the Word’. It is beautifully appliqued and quilted.

Bird is the Word by Tracey Borelli