How do I explain? Christmas is coming and I have blown up my cooker! All because of my quilting addiction. I’ll start at the beginning.

EQ8 released 28/10/17

It was my birthday recently and I’ve been after a quilt design software package for a while. I’d like to use the excuse of working on British Patchwork and Quilting magazine but I’d be fibbing. I looked around and it seemed that EQ8 was what I was going to go for. The ‘Man from Rio’ ( was where I went with a couple of questions I had. How easy would it be to change computer if I wanted to? (Apparently you can load it to two computers – fantastic!) Which of the instruction book would be best? (The Beginners Guide – and yes, a series of lessons takes you through designing a quilt, a block and print out your templates, foundations patterns, material requirements and quilt design! WOW) Lawrence, the Man from Rio, knows everything there is to know about the package and offers a full back up service. Ask a question about the package and he knows the answer and can help you through it.

November’s Free Download from EQ8 website

Well, I went for it and ordered. The package arrived quickly, fantastic service, and the download went smoothly. Register on the website and you get access to plenty of extra features that I haven’t explored quite yet. I’m determined to really get to grips with EQ8 and so I’ve been slowly working my way through the lessons. Sunday afternoon I continued working my way through Chapter 1 of the guide. I actually printed my first quilt. I have a beginner in my Friday afternoon class who wants to make a simple quilt for her Grandson. As most of my designs in class are made up as we go along, ‘fluidly designed’ is how I put it. (Scrabbled onto a piece of paper but this is difficult for a beginner to visualise.) This weekend I’ve been able to draft the block, pop it into a variety of settings for her to choose from. I can add a range of boarders, sashing in any order and any number of them. There are a huge number of pre loaded designs to use from traditional blocks to all over quilt patterns such as Lone Star and many choices of medallion.

You can imagine the scene. I’m completely engrossed, typing away with murmurs such as ‘Ohhh, look at that!’, ‘Isn’t that clever’ etc. when suddenly all the lights go out. The main house fuse blew and then we noticed the pan of boiling potatoes had overflowed across the stove top, down the back into the electrics!

Perhaps the most important lesson to be learned about EQ8? Don’t try and use it when you’re meant to be doing something else!


  1. Karin Pope

    I totally agree,you need to clear everything else from your day when you play with EQ! If you need extra help/inspiration I can highly reccommend the on-line classes run by Kari Schell/onpoint quilter. There are free starter classes or paid-for longer courses. I’m never going to make all the quilts I have designed but love keeping the brain cells working. Hope the cooker is fixed now! LOL