I’ve noticed recently that there has been a resurgence of hand stitching, both in the embroidery and the quilting worlds. I love hand stitching and do it regularly, often in unusual places, such as the car (while husband is driving!) coffee shops and sitting on the beach, not that unusual really. I quite fancied having a go at black or red work. As it looks a lot like drawing to me, and drawing is something I enjoy. Not one to go for patterns I decided to create my own. My subject of course, and a long term project.


It probably took at least a year of stitching before I had enough panels to make a whole quilt.

I took my own photos and drew what I wanted from them. Views of my loved home town of Whitby.

I tried to find views that were different as well as easily recognised views. I chose to use blue thread to signify the sea and coast.


Each panel is stitched with a single strand of embroidery floss. A lot I inherited from my mum, and not all the same colour, which I didn’t mind. As I took my stitching around different groups and places people became quite interested in it. Even asking me where I had got the ‘kit’ from. I happily explained it was no kit. But that gave me an idea. Maybe I should make kits from it. The completed quilts first showing was at a local quilt show and I made up some kits to go with it. They were very popular. One lady asking for the kit of the whole quilt and was very disappointed when I told her there wasn’t one. I’m a great believer in inspiring and encouraging but my own work is just that, so there will never be a kit of the whole quilt. I did explain to her how she could make her own.

Here it is in its entirety. I’ve really enjoyed making it and plan to send it to a couple of shows soon. Its second outing was at our local art fair where I did a workshop based on it. The kits were available, but in the workshop I encouraged people to draw their own designs. They were very well attended and enjoyed.

For those that know me and wonder where Gulliver is? Here he is. I couldn’t possible have left him out.