It’s been a while since Gulliver did a blog. As you know, or maybe you don’t, he lives in Whitby with me at our B&B, it’s a busy time of year from now on in, right until the end of October so chance to stitch is precious. And the grandchildren have just payed a visit and as wonderful as that it, and it is, that means no stitching at all. Although a copious ideas list form! So now we play catch-up for a little while. Here’s what he’s been up to recently


Late spring early summer we start ‘wild swimming/open water swimming’ it’s an organised event but so invigorating getting out in nature and enjoying a swim. Some folks zoom off, to swim the course as fast as they can in the allotted time but Gulliver and I enjoy the ride. Watching the clouds and the geese flying over. It’s a wonderful experience. For this small quilt I stitched the drawing then used neo-colour crayons as a resist for some areas ( like the while water and bird feathers) then used water colour as a general wash. I think it’s worked quite well and will be experimenting with this technique some more.


At the summer solstice, the Whitby Community choir which we sing with went up to Danby Beacon to sing down the sun. ( A little more civilised that singing it up) fantastic experience singing out in the open, the Beacon standing over 5 meters tall, 301 meters above sea level.

‘The Danby Beacon dates back to the 1600s when the country was living under the threat of invasion from France. It was the duty of a soldier and his wife, stationed upon the moor, to be vigilant and watch for the expected French fleet. If they had sight of them they were to light up the beacon, which would be the first inland fire of warning.

In the 1930s, the site became home to one of the first radar stations guarding the North East Coast during the Second World War. The station was responsible for guiding Group Captain Peter Townsend, when he intercepted and shot down the first enemy aircraft to fall on English soil since World War One.

We were even buzzed by some folk in micro lites.



Whitby Lions Rainbow colour run. What a great experience. Gulliver and I and friends ran this 5k run along the beach at Whitby. Wearing sunglasses and a white T-shirt getting powdered paint ( environmental safe) thrown at us along the way. What a hoot. Thoroughly recommended if you get the chance. We were so covered in paint at the end we barely recognised ourselves.


As Gulliver had a bit of a cough the Dr suggested an x-ray. Lol.


Since starting this project with Gulliver back in Jan 2018 I’ve filled a whole sketchbook and now starting on sketchbook number 2. It’s got a bit fat and there’s no chance of closing it now.

As time is becoming so limited now I’ve enlisted Gullivers help in the b&b. He’s such a game bird that he’s willing to help me with all the different jobs. We will see how he gets on next time!