The first day back of the New Year at the quilt group I’m a member of is an exciting time! The Christmas Challenge reveal has become a definite date on the calendar. The previous year’s winner sets the challenge which has been in many different formats from a ‘star’ block including a particular fabric, a black and white theme, journal quilt, a picture to inspire a quilt but the last two years have been a year of fun each. 2017 was a Round Robin, for which I made a literal Round Robin and 2018 was a Sew a Row.

2017 – Round Robin!

Every quilter who wanted to take part, it’s completely optional, created a quilt row. It was suggested that the maximum width should be kept within the 40 inches that would allow a single run of backing fabric, a sensible idea. Throughout the rest of the year, the quilt was passed onto five other quilters to add further rows. If you wanted you could leave some fabric in the box for the following quilters to use or you could leave it all to chance. We also had the added option of a design sheet where, if you wanted, you could specify colours or ideas that you wanted for your quilt.

Jennifer Johnson’s Quilt

These rows sometimes had a theme, such as Flying Geese, diamonds, Square in Squares and even an ‘As You Like It’ row. (We could choose what we did for this one!)

Which to choose?

Reveal day arrives and all the quilts are shown anonymously and everyone there that evening, whether you’ve taken part or not, gets to vote for their favourite. The quilts are then returned to the original creator. Who won? I hear you ask. The lovely ladies who worked on my quilt did a fabulous job and we won. The downside? I now have to set this year’s Christmas Challenge!