The AQC is one quilt show I have never been to before because I live too far away. This year, however, the stars aligned and I couldn’t stay away. Zarina, a quilting friend from Malaysia, was able to go and the opportunity was just too good to miss. Zarina and I first got acquainted over Willyne Hammerstein’s La Passacaglia. On Zarina’s first trip to Australia (for work) we had a whirlwind quilt shop tour when she first stepped off the plane so she could get ‘la Pass’ supplies. Well, guess who was going to be at the AQC, none other but Willyne.

Willyne Hammerstein

So here are Zarina and I, and also Willyne and her quilts. Willyne’s quilts are based on the concept of Penrose tiling. She uses pentagons, isosceles triangles and two different rhombi (diamond shapes) to create the patterns. The patterns can be completed using any variation of EPP . Aren’t they magnificent?

Willyne Hammerstein from Book 3

Another part of the exhibition I had looked forward to seeing was the borders and bridges challenge. These quilts had a diverse interpretation of the theme and had some fantastic work. This quilt of the galahs was made by Kathryn Harmer Fox and is entitled ‘Bridging the Borders’.

Kathryn Harmer Fox

Another one I enjoyed was Sue Mobilia’s work entitled “Is this Paradise?” about the refugee experience which affects so many today.

Sue Mobilia

The winner of this challenge was Sue de Vanny’s work on the white Rhinoceros. It was a truly beautiful work, beautifully executed and expressing the sadness and helplessness we feel as this wonderful animal turns its back to us and crosses the bridge to extinction.

Sue de Vanny

Other exhibitions I enjoyed were the modern quilts, the art quilts, the retrospectives, the displays of those teaching at the convention and ‘the best of’. I’ll save ‘the best of’ for another post least this one crash, but there were two exhibitions I particularly enjoyed: the first was the work of British Artist Gillian Travis with her ‘Journeys in Stitch’ and the other was the Cherrywood Challenge.

Gillian’s quilts in this retrospective are inspired by journeys she has taken and the detail she has observed. I really loved them. In addition I love to travel and It inspired me to do more with my travel photos and observations,

Gillian Travis

The Cherrywood Van Gogh challenge quilts were on display, and they were really fun. I just loved those blues and the quirky interpretations of the theme.

Cherrywood Challenge Quilts