Yesterday ( Friday 27th March 2020..3rd week of self isolating) it could just well have been Friday 13th!

Nearly 3 weeks of self isolation…unable to get a supermarket delivery slot…my thoughts turned to my mum and how she coped during the war with rationing etc. Being Welsh she would make a big batch of Welsh Cakes…yes…I can do that…really? well..we’ll see.

A quick check on Google for a recipe…plain flour…self raising? I didn’t want to let down Mum by getting it wrong. So asked my Welsh ‘sisters’ on ukqu social group…and of course they sorted me out and even supplied the recipe.

I hoiked out the iron bakestone which I’d bought a few years ago on Amazon. I didn’t want to risk using on our newish induction hob so had a brilliant idea…or so I thought! Got hub to bring in our powercut emergency gas primus stove from the garage and set it up on the worktop. Hubs got it going (I hate gas stuff) and I scrambled the now diminishing ingredients together. With the bakestone sitting happily on top ( it was quite big in hindsight for the little stove) heating up slowly, I cut out the first rounds.

I held a block of butter and went to grease the iron stone.. it immediately flew off the edge with butter dripping everywhere…burning my hand slightly in the process…cleaned up the drips and was ready to go. Placed the first set of ‘rounds’ on the bakestone and waited…and waited. It seemed to be taking ages, probably didn’t have the gas turned up enough…Mum’s didn’t take this long…she turned them out pretty quick!

The was a bit of a pop and ‘cos I’m a bit of a ‘Nervous Nerys’ I quickly turned it off and retrieved hubby from the garage to get reassurance and to relight it. Hubs relit it and retreated back in the garage. It seemed to be cooking better now as he had turned it up higher…I was literally ‘cooking on gas’ 😉 so to speak.

It was going really well and felt mum smiling down on me…but then there was an almighty cracking noise and I immediately turned everything off. Shouted for hubs ‘Graham love’ (our girls laugh at the Rightmove advert as it reminds them of us). Whoops the front had got so hot it melted the plastic ignition!


Then all the smoke alarms started up…it was not going well!

‘Well at least we know the smoke alarms are working’, he quipped.

I was so sorry to wreck the primus (he loved this as we had some good camping memories)…but hey…we had a delish plate of Welsh cakes..come on.




We left the primus in situ to cool down and had lunch…with Welsh cakes..of course.

That would have been the end of a calamity baking session, but when I returned to move the now cooled down stove…I screamed! Hubs came flying in thinking we were on fire! Because the bakestone was a lot bigger than the stove the heat obviously went downwards and burnt our fairly new worktop…I cried! Hubs was understably quiet but reassured me it would be ok..don’t worry…we can fix it.

Well, I googled how to remove it, and hubs tried in vain.

This improved it slightly but with everything shut down we have got it covered with our glass top for now. Nobody will know, but us, and of course, you know now!

I feel my mum laughing through the clouds, bless her.

To make myself feel better I retreated to my workroom and made my rainbow for the window…well every cloud has a silver lining…doesn’t it?