Well, firstly, yay for holidays. I’m off to visit family, which is nice, but I need to make sure I’m well prepared for waiting at airports, and have small things to do while relaxing with family. I fly because my family are either overseas or like 17 hours drive away, (that’s the nearest child, the furthest is like 5 days drive if you are in a hurry).

Aeroplane regulations have caused me to be extra careful with cabin baggage, because I even had a legal pair of tiny round tipped scissors taken off me by an officious official, they had travelled the world with me through many international security checkpoints, but, sadly, someone took umbrage, and they were lost to me…. So now I just take a thread cutter. I have a very cute circular Japanese thread cutter though dental floss packets also work well, even if your fellow passengers look at you. I take clips instead of pins, and I take a couple of needles.

I prefer to avoid needing to cut thread at all, and tatting works very well because it’s really little, security doesn’t care, you can pick it up and put it down easily, and can be stuffed in your pocket. It’s perfect for the plane, and for waiting at the gate. Crochet is also a possibility, but only if you like using the fine threads to make lace or doilies. I crochet woollen rugs and that is way too big for a plane.

If I want to sew, I take some wool embroidery or something prepared that doesn’t have 1000 tiny pieces. I find a needle and a cutter, some wool and a prepared applique or two will keep me going for a long time. It’s nice to arrive with a block or two completed.

Another option is practicing quilting motifs. I keep a small lined or gridded book with a few sharp pencils and play with free motion quilting designs. A plane flight is a good opportunity to review what you know and play with new ideas. I like the lined pages for practising borders. Grids can help you with spacing.


While actually on holiday, I like to do some English paper piecing. I started a La Passacaglia, but I only do it when my only option is handsewing, which is basically when I’m on holiday. So I have all my la pass pieces cut and bagged and ready to sew. I take a small travel iron, clips, papers and thread. If I take more holidays, I may make more progress. (I just haven’t worked out how to do that yet.)

To make it easy, I made myself an EPP book. It has space for necessities and the pages made of heavy cardboard are covered in flannelette making it easy to layout pieces and also gives me an instant ironing board.

What do you all do? I’m sure there are lots more great ideas out there. What are your favourite plane and holiday sewing projects? Do you have any hot tips for the plane?