The lovely people at UKQU HQ very kindly asked if I’d like to review some fabric and I jumped in the air! I’m more than happy to admit to being a fabric addict. The fabrics were from Makower UK and I joyfully received 4 pieces from the Essentials range and a few layer cake squares from one of their new festive collections.

The Joyeux range is a lovely bright collection and a really nice change from a lot of the red and green we often see in Christmas ranges. I think I would have to say the Presents are my favourite, closely followed by Tree Scatter which would be a great fabric for projects where you need a non-directional print. The Stars print is just the right scale and I can easily see this as a great all year round fabric. It could be used in any project that needs an injection of bright colour and would look great with a collection of solids in the same shades.

There are two snowflake designs and I’m finding it difficult to decide which I prefer. Blue is my favourite colour and I’m leaning towards the darker shade which would look great as a girls dress or a little festive waistcoat for a toddler or young boy. I think I’ll be on the look out for these when they hit the shops as I’d like to use them to whip some little fabric gift card envelopes for my nieces.

The reindeer prints are fun and I like the different coloured noses. I can imagine lots of little girls wanting a bright pink stocking and while the green is nice I think I would have preferred a shade a touch closer to a more traditional green but I do love the reindeer face and it would be great for some fussing cutting.

Of course, I couldn’t wait until the festive season before using these so I very quickly whipped up a mini stocking. With only 10′ squares I’ve had to be little creative with the use of fabric so there is a different print on each side but I like how it’s turned out. I’ve been making a few of these for the GT Quilters 2018 Stocking Challenge and I’ve uploaded my free pattern here for you all to use.

The Essential prints, white on cream, would easily find a home in almost any quilters stash. The are a great alternative to solids and work with just about any other fabric range out there. As can be expected from a brand like Makower, there are good quality and well priced to suit all quilters. For me the dots are a staple in my stash, whether white on cream or white on white. You simply can’t go wrong adding a few of these to your fabric collection.

A big thank you to Makower UK and to the UKQU HQ Fairies for the fabric – it won’t go to waste I promise!

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