Amazing!! Yep, that’s you’s!

Such a take up of the Mystety Quilt, be it patterns or kits.  Thank you!  And it’s not too late to join us.

You should all have had your patterns and instructions…….may I just say?….. ACCURACY and TAKE YOUR TIME!  (apparently I just shouted that at all of you, seems capitals equates to shouting on the internet, on this occasion that’s fine, please do not flinch!  It’s nothing personal, I just want you all to succeed!

I’ve made a couple of short videos to help you all achieve amazing points and joins,  just my way of doing things, but they should help.  It’s not a fast process that I use, but if you pin as I do you should achieve…..

Remember to nest your seams, get the ‘flappy bits’ and your ‘curly bits!’  right and you’ll be away!

It really doesn’t matter if yours looks different to mine, so long as you’ve enjoyed it all will be well.


I’m in Harrogate at the Quiltshow at the moment, well maybe not this moment, tiz the middle of the night and I’m sat in a hotel room unable to sleep again.  Which is amazing really, I should be out cold, having left home at 5.30am, driven  hundreds of miles and set up my stand (with help from Andy of Crafty UK, my back doesn’t do well at set ups!)  whilst getting over a cold.  But how wonderful is it to have a hobby that we can play at, at anytime of the day or night and in most places?!  (Well mostly anyway! I don’t think my machine going all night would aid the marriage or my current neighbourhood relations….)   but we can sit with some hand work, maybe snuggle under a new quilt while making it, possibly sharing the warmth with a cat or two! ….. I bet there are thousands of part made hexi quilts in this world, such therapy!

…….. I’m at shows and out and about lots for a while now, so I’ve created a help group on Facebook for all those taking part in ‘A Colourful Outlook on Life’ or email me your query and I’ll get back to you asap….. the same goes for the Drsgonfly BOM.

I’ve the Dragonfly BOM with me at the shows, so those taking part in that might like to come and find me, if you can find time away from fabric stashing that is!  (There’s some very jolly things here this weekend 😆👍🏻)…..

…..which reminds me, those of you working with fabric kits, if there’s a colour that appears that you’re really not keen on, swap it out for one of your own.  Make sure you keep it in the same sort of tone, but it should look lovely when done.   The Mackower fabric that we’re using is a plain/tonal, so maybe a bit of pattern would look a bit good?! 😁🎉

I’ll end my overnight ramblings here, do please come to the shows and say hello.  Do please take your time with your making.  Do please enjoy!  (I has spare fabric if anyone needs)……. and do please have a jolly weekend.

Abbie xx