Just a few words of introduction to the Mystery Quilt I’ve been honoured to design & make for you…..

It’s title, “A Colourful Outlook On Life”, hopefully tells of colour and joy, achievement & creativity in the making. We’re very lucky to be using Makower Fabrics, the range being Linen Texture.  They’re all plain colours, lots of plain colours, lots of bright plain colours with a lovely textural look to them, 12 of them!  If plain isn’t your thing, there will be a design with each block that can either be used for applique with your own fabric from your stash, or as a quilting pattern.  The designs are all related to English Garden’s, I can’t say more……It’s a Mystery you know!!……… Each month your quilt will develop, your own applique should you choose to apply, will change the design quite dramatically, or just by quilting it will change it drastically in look & colouring, this one really isn’t finished until its finished!

This design is a bit different from my normal, traditional techniques, with bright, random colouring, a bit abstract looking, every block a different colour …. it’s a bit of traditional-ish that’s been Abbie’d!

The design tends towards machine techniques, but if you prefer hand sewing I’m sure you’ll find your way with some very small stitching and a few back stitches.  I’ll be available for guidance along the way, email me photos with questions and I’ll reply asap.  The design should suit all experience levels, except really new newbies, having said that if you take your time and follow the instructions carefully anything is possible, we all started somewhere!

There’s 9 blocks (16″x16″ finished) with the sashings and stuff, when quilted, by hand or machine whichever you prefer, it should finish at approx. 64″x64″.

Fabric Kits with patterns will be available from my UKQU shop monthly, £20.50 p&p. Patterns will also be available separately, monthly, £6.80 includes p&p in-case you’d rather use your own fabric choices.  Costs/Postage is for UK areas only,  so if you’re further afield please check with me before ordering.  Kits do not including batting or backing. 

Sign up for the Mystery Quilt BOM will be during January & February, via UKQU with the first block coming out mid February  ( I’m aiming at (Tuesday 20th Feb)and continuing for 10mths in total. (9 blocks & borders)

This design is a bit different form my normal, but I think you’ll agree come the finish it’s a bit of traditional that’s been Abbie’d!




    1. AbbieAnne Post author

      Hi Sarah, yes, there’s a requirements list for the Mystery BOM. 12 different fabrics, with a guideline to colouring that cross to the colours I’ve used, but obviously you can do a completely different mix.
      Each monthly pattern has a ‘Key’ to indcate which of your fabrics to use where instead of my choice.
      You can purchase the block patterns at your own pace via my UKQU shop. I still have a couple of kits available for each month if you wanted to use the Mackower fabrics as I have.
      Many thanks! Ab x