Hello Everybody!!

Life’s been happening at a rate of knots again, where has January disappeared to??  I’d like to update you all on a few things and introduce my new Mystery Quilt to you…….

Abbie Suggests 2019 Challenge is well under way, if you wish to join us please message me for your personal challenge!    I’ll randomly pick you a number a colour & a shape to make your own patchwork block or item with.   Or, I’ll find you a traditional 9 patch block and give you a couple of colours that you need to include when you make your block.   You can come back and request as many times as you like, so you could use this to make your very own mystery quilt BOM, free of charge, I’d just like to see photos of what’s produced please.

I’ve set up a group on face book titled  Abbieanne’s Take 3 Challenge 2019 that anyone can join to see what’s being produced, some fabulous work coming


Deco Days Mystery BOM…. (approx. 54″x67″ finished without borders.., but they may yet get added!!.….)

My latest mystery design is due to commence late February.  Denim, lots of different light-weight denims and other deco-ish lovely cottons, mostly blue.  (just because, no other reason!)  You could use any colour combination that takes your fancy or make another scrap & stash quilt.

There will be 20 blocks, 11″ x 11″ finished, mine will be presented finished with a 2″ sashing (with a bit of a difference!).  Mostly piecing and applique.   It will run over 10 months, you will receive 2 blocks with full sized paper patterns and instruction each month, with the final ‘how to put together’ etc included in month 10.  (the price will include p&p).  There is a help/support group set up on Facebook already to go!  Here you can natter and ask myself and others taking part questions and safely post photos without giving the game away to the rest of the world!!

Sign up is via purchase of the first half of the mystery patterns available in my UKQU shop…..  https://ukqu.co.uk/?s=abbieanne&post_type=product&wcv_vendor_id=0

Rubies & Cream Mystery BOM….

Everyone has had  the Rubies part of this quilt and the majority of you have elected to continue to the Cream half of the quilt.  A difficult decision for some as the Rubies part of the quilt is a wonderful sampler quilt when finished and doesn’t necessarily need the Cream applique……  anyone is welcome to join us at any time with this BOM, the patterns are all available from my UKQU shop.  (support group is running on Facebook)

A Colourful Outlook on Life Mystery BOM…… 

This quilt is no longer a Mystery, this is now running as a BOM which you can join in with whenever you fancy.   Again, the patterns are all available from my UKQU shop.  Kits are no longer available, but all the fabrics are by Makower and readily available (I still have a few, contact me directly) or use your own style….. (Support group is running on Facebook)

Dragonfly BOM……

Dragonfly is no longer a mystery either and is happily running as a scrap and stash BOM with different people at different stages…… looking wonderful!   (Support group on Facebook is running)

People are probably fed-up of me going on about how I get such a kick out of all of your creations, but I’m going to say it yet again……. I get such a kick out of your creations!…….I really do feel like a proud Mum when I see you all achieving, be it just from my encouragement with projects, beginners with traditional p&q or those of you playing with my designs….. I love you all!!

As a tutor/teacher/coach, whatever you wish to call me, it’s an immensely satisfying part of my job to see people happily creating and achieving.  We all come to this hobby from different directions, needs and values, but in my eyes we’re in ‘collective therapy’, I see this creative hobby helping so many people in so many ways its quite humbling…. makers, receivers, learners, teachers, partners and families supporting our stash movements and sew much more……….

Wake up each day (or in the middle of the night several times like what I do!) and look for a little goodness in every day and every situation, it makes life easier…….     Thank you for feeding my habit.

Abbie xxx

For those of you who were so kind and concerned over my Baby Grey (the cat that ate the ribbon!)….. he’s back to normal, full-on normal ……..(he really wasn’t amused with his baby-grow at the time!!)