A Colourful Outlook on Life has reached block 8 with block 9 posting out very soon……. how quickly this year has gone!?  I really am having trouble comprehending where the time has gone!!

If you want to join us with the Mystery it’s never too late!  Patterns and kits are available from my shop here on UKQU Website.  https://ukqu.co.uk/shops/abbieanne-store/  or wait until the New Year when the pattern will be available at a BOM.

There’s still a few twists to the Mystery to come, but here’s where we’re at………

There’s some wonderful quilts coming on, some from supplied kits others from own fabric choices, all are looking amazing!  I’m also aware that there have been lots of new skills acquired along the way, with a few more to come.  That makes me very happy!  As a tutor you want your students to learn, there’s nothing more satisfying for me than seeing students achieve!………..


We’ve been embroidering and everything!!………there’s a range of acrylic templates available from my shop as well now, one lovely Lady doing the Mystery asked were there any available, well there are now!….I know a very nice man who’s been busy making them for us!  (Andy from Crafty-UK)…….

If you do join us, there’s a support group available via Facebook and me to help you, all along the way!!

Aren’t they looking lovely?!!

Abbie xxx