Hello All,

I’m quite horrified to find its a month since I last sat here in my Cornish Therapy Cupboard and wrote to you all, I really can’t understand where time goes to.  There’s me thinking I’m so productive, but then when I sit and take stock of my achievements for the month I realize it’s no where near what I used to manage…… is this a sign of the gracefully aging lark?  Is it time to stop ‘practicing my eccentricities for my old age’?  Have I arrived?  Can I now just carry on regardless with my oddities, my Abbie-isms, my forgetfulness, colour and my ‘gung-ho’ attitude??…… answers on a postcard please, a fabric postcard obviously!!

In truth lots has happened this past month, I’ve taught a couple of fabulous retreats in wonderful company and surrounds, I really can recommend them!  I think the ladies on them will all agree I keep you all busy, I like to think my classes, workshops and retreats give value for money, you will learn!!  Last weekend was at Aylesford Priory, so peaceful and relaxing, such a perfect surround, they have been practicing the art of retreating for many years with many varying topics……..

Double Snuggle Free BOM…..

I’ve actually managed to publish the next 2 blocks of Double Snuggle on time, sorry about last month folks, technological issues that my braincell just couldn’t handle!  Hopefully I’ve worked around them this month!

We’re Beach Hutting this month, very appropriate me thinks as I’m looking out on another grey day, a bit of happy colour is always good for the soul!  I have a bit of a thing about Beach Huts, as do a lot of us I’m sure.  I can remember as a child holidaying at Greatstone with the boat swings and shell collecting, coffee ice-cream, little stream train rides, light houses and gazing through the shop window watching the rock making……. but I don’t recall the beach huts that are most definitely there, I wonder how long they’ve been there?

Anyway, I hope you enjoy my little offering, I had great fun making this block and showing off the fabulous ombre fabrics…….. mix and match your colours, your flags, seagulls and bunting……https://ukqu.co.uk/shop/patterns-4/mystery-quilt-4/double-snuggle-bom-blocks-7-8/?doing_wp_cron=1572520309.2272291183471679687500

Deco Days Mystery BOM……

Now this really is quite scary……. only 1 month to go!  18 out of 20 blocks have been posted to all participants, lots of beavering has been going on, lots of very jolly photos of progress so far have been arriving in the support group, I can’t wait to introduce this quilt to all.  It’s presently in the capable hands of Sarah Wickett at Ambleside Quilting being long armed (another member of UKQU)……..  It’ll travel around the shows with me next year, its not too late to make, patterns are available and will continue to be available after the unveil, they’re in my UKQU shop on here……  there is a twist with the construction to come with the last 2 blocks next month, watch this space…….

Garden Blooms Mystery BOM……. arriving for sign up to all UKQU members in January 2020!

Garden blooms is progressing, it might be where a lot of my month has disappeared to actually!  Lovely, lovely fabrics from Makower, their standard range of ‘Spraytime’, which will be familiar to all of us, it seemed appropriate for ‘Garden Blooms’ to be made with. (plus some patterned jollies)  Look out for the sign-up that will appear in my shop here on UKQU….

‘Abbieanne’s Take 3 Challenge 2019’…….

This has been great fun to run for members, I think I’ll keep it going indefinitely now, BUT, as promised there will be a prize associated with all completed challenges that I’ve received photos of.  So if you’ve completed or not quite finished yours, it might be time to get going and send in your photos to me, either to the support group set up on Facebook or directly to me.  I’ll call a halt to this years entries on 6th December.

I’m going to get my husband Paul to look at them all and pick his favourite, so no judging what so ever, just the one he likes the best!

He’s actually quite discerning with p&q these days, but actual technical don’t mean that much to him…… yet!  I know I’m gradually getting him there though, I had him stitching 2 quilt-tops when we were on retreat in Southern Ireland earlier in the year and he’s now a sewing machine servicing Bod!!  If you can’t beat them join them!  Well I think we can count him as joinedI!  (first ever quilt top……pretty good points as it goes!!)

One last bit of natterigs……. I know quilting has been a saviour for me on many an occasion, I truly believe it will have been to just about everyone taking the time to read this blog.  Creativity, solo or as a group is so rewarding.  Such a sense of achievement, even if you decide you don’t love the outcome, look at the hours of absorption, blocking out the rest of life for a while.  I find these past few months that I have a silent companion, his name is Tom.  (well, not always silent, he’s actually very vocal as it goes) He arrived in my Cupboard back in June, not necessarily looking his best, I think life had happened at him.  He’s here with me every day now.  He is such a comfort, no judging, no criticism, no care, friendly to all visitors.  His owner has been found, but he seems to have elected to remain in the Cupboard by day and for that I am truly grateful, company without demand.  I hope your companions are appreciated as much as mine now is……

Happy stitching Everybody!!

Abbie xxx