Hello Everybody!!

Time for an update with the latest Mystery Quilt, ‘Deco Days’, R&C & the free BOM, ‘Double Snuggle’ and stuff in general….

Deco Days is storming along!!  We’re at 14 blocks out of 20, of the photos I’ve seen in the help/support group they’re looking fantastic!!  I really can’t wait to see the final results, its just so exciting for me!

Here’s just a few sneak peeks at some blocks so far, after all its a Mystery, I can’t let it all be seen just yet!  Its not too late to join in, you’ll find the patterns for purchase in my shop here on the UKQU website.



Double Snuggle…… was out and about in public!!!  Here I am at the Festival of Quilts with it, its also been to the Harrogate Quilt Show last weekend.

Festival was amazing fun again, I was busy on the book stand, serving many of you, chatting with many of you and generally playing catch up and smiling a lot!!  Kaleidoscope Books played host to me and the UKQU Mystery Quilts, Rubies & Cream and Dragonfly as well as Double Snuggle!!  It was wonderful to see the quilts out on display for all to see…..


Double Snuggle, the free BOM, is well underway with UKQU members joining in from all over!!  I’m aware of a lot of you taking part as you’ve either joined the help/support group on Facebook or have notified me via email and from my shop here on the UKQU Website, but I know there are a lot more of you out there.  Please do shout me if you’re joining in and send or post photos of your work.  It’s great fun for all to see what’s going on, colour combinations, lessons learnt etc…… I know we have people taking part in Ireland & New Zealand as well, there could be more country’s I’m unaware of?……..

The first 4 blocks are now available to download from my blog on my website, please feel free to go and get, the more of us playing together the merrier!!   You can get there via the link in my shop here on UKQU or via the link directly to my blog below:





Just because I can, I’m going to share a few pictures of the winner of the beginners category at The Great Northern Quiltshow, Harrogate, that I sponsor, thanks to all those who took part and may many of you enter next year please!!  (just in case anyone is wondering, I didn’t do the judging for this category)……..

……. Also some pics of some of the UKQU competition quilts that were hanging at the Harrogate Quilt Show.  A lovely display in a prime spot and everything!!  It couldn’t be missed as everyone was entering the building.  Fab stuff everyone!!  Carry on entering the competitions, especially if you’ve never done so before.  be bold, be adventurous, be creative and be proud, we all started somewhere.

Have a happy day wherever you are!!

Abbie xxx