Finally I can show the world our latest (our 3rd already!!) finished UKQU Mystery Quilt!  A year in the making.  A quilt of 2 halves….. the background is a full sized not so traditional, traditional sampler (its been Abbie-fied), once that was made in RUBIES, a CREAM appliqué has been applied to the whole of the quilt top!   Some have stopped at just the sampler top as they look stunning as they are, many others are continuing with the applique, I can’t wait to see the results!!………

For the first time ever in my 20+ years of quilting, I have had R&C long arm quilted by another person!!  This was nerve wracking for both the quilter and Me, something I said I’d never do.  Well, I’m bleddy glad I did is all I can say!!  When I make my sample quilts, very often they’re a bit bodged and crooked as I’m trying different things far too quickly, R&C was very bodged!  Sarah from Ambleside Quilting (a UKQU Girlie) not only did a fabulous stylised, individual quilt on R&C, she actually managed to straighten it, sort out all manner of anomalies and generally made it look very jolly!!!   Deco Days will be headed her way shortly…….



That brings me to remind you of the one presently running, DECO DAYS…come and join us!  It’s proving to be great fun!  The colour combinations that are coming through are simply stunning!



……and tell you about a couple more on the way!!

DOUBLE SNUGGLE…. this design is an extra large lap quilt for beginners who want a go at something a little more and for anybody else that fancies a not quite traditional sampler, its been Abbie-fied!!  The fabrics for the sample quilt have been supplied by EQS, a new range available very soon!

This will be a Free BOM specifically designed for UKQU peeps!  As soon as I can get it finished we’ll get going with it, so watch this space, I’m on block 3, it won’t be very long provided life doesn’t happen at me too much!



and ABBIE’S GARDEN…….. another block quilt, the design of which is in my head!!  The fabrics have been supplied by Mackower…….  this will be a Mystery Quilt BOM. again, an Abbie design with a difference, watch this space… soon as I can get it made we’ll start!


I must apologise for the lack of recent blog posts from me….. as happens to us all periodically, life overtook me at a rate of knots, I don’t do knots very quickly.  Family & Friends stuff has taken precedence, but now all seems to be back and doing, long may they all behave themselves!.

I’ve already told you about all the exciting quilty stuff above, but I must just mention all the fabulous stuff that been going on for me this year.   Mainly the meeting of so many of you lovelies around the country at different shows!!  Its been wonderful to be able to put names to faces (which I warn I will forget) and to teach you at workshops, encourage and cajole and on occasion bully you all into doing the most fabulous works. (‘Bully’ in the nicest sense!  Including the threatening of an application of Vaseline on one notable occasion!)  I get pictures almost daily from you now and see posts on social media of you all doing stuff……lovely stuff!  Well done all and thank you for including me.

I’ve had the absolute pleasure to have taught at a couple of retreats this year with several more to come. All I can say is…….wot fun!!!  You’ve all amazed me and made me so proud with the works that you have produced.  Thank you for inviting me, I hope to be invited again.   And to those of you who might like to join us please contact me for details of those coming up.

(Here’s the Ladies in Beer,Devon with an amazing array of paint washed pictures with free motion embroidery and then those of us who played in Ireland, we did do lots of work in Ireland, honest!!  My hubby also surprised us……. until next time Ladies & Gents!)