Its been a while and is set to continue it seems, to most it probably seems that its been more than a while, but hopefully we’re all ok and busy creating fabulous stuff?!  ………..Here’s what I’ve been up to for everybody (other than face masks)……and info about the next Mystery Quilt for UKQU!!……

I’m totally amazed at how full my days have been and are, there was me thinking I was going to get loads of new patterns made and written up, a re-arrangement of the ‘Cupboard’ ready for future classes with loads of space and all manner of other creative stuff done, hasn’t happened quite like that though!

As a small one person business who’s income can be dependant mostly on social contact, I’ve had to totally re-think how, why and if at all possible, I can carry on.  I had this bright idea about posting a few ‘inspiring & informative’ videos on YouTube to help with your creativity and to stay in touch with my students and those of you at a distance that I see regularly at shows, retreats and workshops……until such times as we’re allowed out to play again…… I think my ‘Wittering videos’ are now here to stay in some way shape or form though!

They seem to be working, I now spend at least half a day everyday prepping, filming and doing technical stuff, its all very exciting though!!  Those stitching along with me are posting photos of their work in a Facebook Group for all to see, it’s proving to be a really wonderful way to stay connected with other quilters.  Everyone is welcome to join us, its all FREE, my videos are on my YouTube Channel -‘ Abbieanne Patchwork Wittering’s’, we’re working our way through blocks, all sorts of hints & tips and me wittering away about the most random stuff!  As the videos are recorded in one hit and I’m prone to side-tracking, it makes for some interesting moments to say the least!!    If I mess up you all see it, but that’s half the fun of them.  My first few were very fragmented and a bit stilted, now I’ve got used to talking to myself they seem to be working, at least there seems to be lots of lovely things being produced by you all, so I’m taking that as a success! Please do come and join in, dip in and out of the videos as you want, patterns are available (when needed) in the facebook group……..

The Facebook Group for photos ad chat is here:

These are some of the blocks I’ve made as samples for the different techniques we’ve been doing, they are at quilt top stage as I don’t think I’m going to have time to quilt for a while!!  They were all made from an odd basket of scraps and 2 tie colours…….


I have to admit I’ve been enjoying myself, maybe a little too much, so, watch this space as they say, full-on workshops via videos is next me thinks!!  If you can’t come to me, I’m going to have to come to you, they’ll be far more in-depth classes using my designs, with up close detail and proper how-to, instead of me generalising as I’ve been doing for the traditional blocks in the Wittering’s.  Exciting!!!

I’ve also been very fortunate to have spent a good deal of time in the garden, most unusual for me, Tom the Cupboard Cat has taken to following me about as well as upping his quilt inspection duties!!…..


Garden Blooms Mystery Quilt is storming along!!  It’s only a matter of weeks before it’ll be out in the open and no longer a mystery!! I can’t quite get how quickly this one has gone, what I’ve seen of the makes, they’re looking lovely!

The next Mystery Quilt!!  It’s made!

t’s off up to Ambleside Quilting next week for long arming!     It’s very different for me, its very ‘English’, although its made form Tilda fabrics, so very ditsy and the colours are more muted than my general range, its very ‘tasteful’ if you see what I mean?!!!.  There’s a bit of embroidery/quilting or fabric pen definition in most of the blocks (or you can just buy the set of centre pieces ready drawn by me so don’t panic!)  Maybe start stashing your Tilda or ditsy fabrics, I think I’ve included about 20 different fat/long quarters!  I hope to kick this one off in August, sign up will be via my shop here on UKQU from July.

All that’s left for me to say for now is, that I hope you are all well.  I hope you are staying positive and including a bit of creativity in your day.  I hope that you’ll join me wittering!!  I hope that we can all be out and about (if very carefully) soon!!

Be lovely people.    Abbie xxx