Hi Everybody!!

Another of my ‘Scrap n Stash’ designs, or maybe you’ve been given some jolly present fabric?…….. a Mystery block one per day over the festive period starting on Christmas Eve.   Its available in my UKQU shop :  (I’ll be donating £5 per purchase to MacMillan)


12 traditionally based, pieced, ‘9 Patch’ blocks, all of which have a link, sometimes tenuous, to the festive season, well, for me anyway!  They can all be made by hand or machine, they’ve been a bit Abbie’d here and there…..

finished size 44″ x 52″ without borders.

Although each block has been chosen for its traditional name (ish), I’ve not used seasonal fabrics. Although I enjoy seasonal fabrics, I like random as most of you know!  So, I’ve used whatever I had to hand. I’ve tried to include a couple of the same fabrics in all or most of the blocks to help tie the colours together……… I then lost the plot a bit and used a Bali Pop set for the sashings!  Nothing quite like making life a little more different!  The corner stones all have fabrics with ‘cat’ connotations, cats featuring quite prominently in my life in recent times, so why not!?

Anyway, I hope you enjoy my offering, a little ‘Seasonal Relief’ time is good for all!

Suitable for all…….if you work through the blocks in order, the instructions will hopefully help you gain confidence if that is needed, a couple might look complicated, but you know what? It’s all relative…… it’s still just joining 2 bits of fabric together at a time!

9 Patch – a traditional block style. Each block will be 12” x 12” when finished. Each block is made up of 9 square sections, there may be several pieces of fabric within each square, but they all come back to 9 squares of 4” x 4”, which are then joined together 3 x 3 to make your 12” square block……. And a couple that are made up of 4 squares of 6”x6”.

I’ve had a helper these last few weeks during the making, he’s even tested the final item already!!  ‘Tom’ is a neighbour’s cat who seems to have taken up daily residence within my ‘Therapy Cupboard’, he’s been such a support these last few months, I can’t thank him enough for his company, cuddles and critique…….

Paul & I would just like to add a thank you for your continued support with everything you do with us and send best wishes to you all…… see you around the country in 2020!!   Abbie xxx