Hello Everybody!!

Strange times indeed!   I’m sure we’re all very aware of wozon and what we need to be doing, so I’m not going to dwell on the obvious……..

instead……. why not lets have a bit of creative fun?!!

Now I’m quite sure we’ve all got a few UFO’s lurking about, maybe that’s what we should be concentrating on?  Or tidying of the workspace?  Or gardening in the sunshine?   All of these are wonderful things for occupying our time…….. but, I’m going to ask, how are your Mystery Quilts coming along???  I’ve had quite a few fabulous photos of finishes, but I’m pretty sure there’s a few out there still to do!!   If you’re ‘having a moment’ and need some help, please message me, lets see can we get you going again!! It could be any of the following quilts….

A Colourful Outlook on Life

Dragonfly Quilt

Rubies & Cream

Deco Days

Garden Blooms

…..the next one is in the making, a very different style to all my previous, I’m using Tilda Fabrics, very jolly!!!  I want to say, far more ‘twee’ if that makes sense?  Very countryfied, very ‘lady-like’ and very animal-ish, lots of techniques……

Or if you want something to do now, come and join me making the ‘Witter Quilt‘.  I’m having to find new ways to work so I’m producing daily videos of new blocks and general techniques and stuff!!  Oh how we love stuff!!  (and they’re free to watch!)  I have to admit I do a lot of wittering and topics can be quite random, but those of you who know me and have been to my classes will totally understand this!   So come and join me for a witter, I’m getting the impression they’re a little different to normal videos you may find, sorry, I can’t help myself!!  Lets all have some fun and make a quilt in the process!  Another ‘scrap n stash’ quilt for those of us having to make do or a fabulous excuse to search out some online purchases!!


You’ll find me here on the UKQU website, Facebook and now Youtube, just search Abbieanne Patchwork, Patchwork Witterings or similar, I’m sure you’ll find me!!

Happy day everybody!!

Abbie xxx