So here I sit broken hearted, forgot my password and can’t get started!!!  😂 ……..

Hi Everyone!

I wasn’t at all sure what I would be wittering on about today other than the Mystery Quilt BOM’s, but I’ve just found an accidental topic!

Older age and technical stuff during lockdown!

Now, I thought I was sort of ok savvy with the basic stuff, seems not!!  I just broke my login to a site, for the life of me I have no idea what I’ve done wrong (or how I did it) my computer is set to stores these things for me so that I don’t have to remember them, it obviously stored it all about face! Lol!

Things in the techno world seem to be galloping in leaps and bounds beyond my bad-back!    It would apear that everything needs to be upgraded because there’s more of us using the internet more often and more mindless idiots trying to infiltrate our private lives or steal what’s ours. (if they spent as much time and effort at a decent job they’d probably be far richer and we’d all be far happier me thinks!)

We’re told not to use the same passwords for different sites etc, so my computer stores my not so important ones (only it got it wrong!) and I have a little list.   A lovely little list of user names and passwords that I tell no-one about, which is all well and good as long as I can remember where the hell I put it!

I have so many usernames I’m starting to have an identity crisis!  I have so many passwords and variations thereof I ought to be able to pass a Mensa test, if I could remember them that is!

Am I the only one? Do you have an infallible system for retrieving the right identity and ‘dress code’ at the right time?!   Answers on a fabric postcard please!!   (seriously, if you send me a fabric postcard, of any technique and loveliness,  I’ll send you one in return, provided you let me have your address of course).  Post to:

Abbie @ Abbieanne P&Q, Trehayle, Whitecross, Wadebridge, Cornwall PL27 7JD


Anyway……did I mention Mystery Quilts BOM’s yet??

The final set of patterns and construction instructions were sent out for Garden Blooms BOM last week!!

So VERY exciting for me!! It means I get to show the world what we’re all busy making! And to try to tempt you into joining us on the next Mystery BOM!??

Here’s Tom the Cupboard Cat – (‘The Cupboard’ being the name of my studio, not a tiny dark space where I keep cats! (Honest!)) – inspecting ‘Garden Blooms’ mystery quilt BOM, that is now no longer a mystery because you’re all now looking at it, I hope! (oh, and Paul’s feet!!)  It has been longarm quilted by Sarah Wickett at Ambleside Quilting, also a member of UKQU.

My sample has been made using lovely ‘Spraytime’ fabric from Makower, a very jolly range, so many different colours and an ongoing range, so not likely to disappear from sale anytime soon!    I added 2 other Makower fabrics, a floral design with an old fashioned feel to it and a dark Linen Texture for sashing & binding.

It was based on many pleasurable hours taking photos in our garden and at the local garden center (with their permission!).

Every month those taking part had full sized patterns with detailed instruction with photos posted to them for completion. There’s a Facebook ‘help’ group where photos can be shared and questions asked.

Now you’ve seen it, if you fancy making one for yourself, the full pattern book is now available over in my shop here on Full instructions with full sized patterns included for each block. If there’s one thing I hate is getting a new pattern and not being able to start it as it needs enlarging or altering or has downloaded at an incorrect size (another techno process, I have massive problems with!)

Garden Blooms would also look fabulous as one of my ‘Scrap n Stash’ quilts, so maybe go rummage your stash and play putting different random fabrics together and see what you get?!

The next Mystery Quilt BOM is called ‘An English Country Garden’, this will be starting towards the end of July, so sign up now!! The name has evolved whilst the sample was being made.  When asked to describe it, this was the best overall descriptive way I could think of without giving too much away.    It wasn’t a name I planned, but it’s now stuck, which is really very jolly!

I’ve used Tilda fabrics throughout the quilt blocks, sashings, frames & borders, with some cream Linen Texture from Makower within most blocks, upon which there is an embroidery/or fabric pen drawing. I want to say the fabrics are all very ‘ditsy’ in a wide range of lovely muted colours, not my normal thing. I think I’ve used 17 different Tilda fabrics within the blocks, and 2 more as main sashings etc.

If you don’t fancy copying the embroidery or drawing the design from the patterns as they arrive monthly, I’m offering a separate set of these ready drawn and signed by me. (delivered to you each month with your pattern) You can then choose whether you then embroider them or just use them as they come. In the original sample I’ve left them as line drawings. The drawings can all be associated with an ‘English Country Garden’, hence the name.

There are many techniques within the blocks, a bit like a sampler, but not a sampler as such! I know that reads a bit weird, but then this is me who’s designed it, I can’t leave anything alone!

This would suit just about any level of capability, if in doubt ask me and I’ll tell you ‘you can do it!!’ Just follow the instructions or message me, as with any of my patterns! LOL!      I have faith in all of you!

The overall look of this next Mystery BOM is totally different to any of those I’ve done before, I do like to keep you all on your toes! It’s also not a finished design that immediately screams ‘that’s an Abbie’ at you…… but then when you look closer you’ll realize it most definitely is! 😉

If you wish to join us, please sign up by purchasing the first or both parts of the Mystery over in my shop –            The center sets are there as well, you’ll be asked to purchase the whole set though, I’ll then draw them and send them each month if you’re taking part. If you just want a set of embroidery pieces that’s all good as well!

If you have any queries whatsoever, please do message me, I’ll do my best to explain without giving the mystery away! [email protected]

I think I’ve probably bored you all enough, except to say, I have a whole raft of videos over on YouTube now, called ‘Patchwork Witterings’, basically me nattering on about all manner of things, some very random, and getting you to make a few things, we’re on quilt number 5 now!!

These are all free, hopefully they’re keeping a lot of people busy and inspired and having a bit of a laugh at the same time! I definitely make an idiot of myself most days, they’re all unscripted so I do tend to say the strangest of things off topic. Have shown myself up on numerous occasions, but have laughed and enjoyed my/our way through lockdown so far!  Do come and join us, please subscribe to my channel, as I say, they’re all free to view just search ‘Abbieanne Patchwork Quilting & Textiles’ on Youtube or follow the link above…… if you slow them down or run them backwards I pull the most hysterical faces and the hand gestures are pretty unreal too!

Nothing more to say, other than ‘Be Lovely!’

Abbie xxx