The Mystery Quilt is no longer a Mystery!!!………  and……. breathe!!!

As promised, it has loads of colour & balancing and improving techniques based on an English Country Garden using Makower’s fabric range ‘Linen Texture’.

It’s really rather nerve-racking this Mystery Quilt Stuff!!  It’s always so much fun watching others take your design and make it for themselves,  but to have a substantial size group of people put their faith in you, right past just a pattern, into a complete mystery is amazing!!  I’m so lucky, thank you Peoples!

I’ve had the pleasure of watching everyone’s creations in the making, several are finished with many nearing completion….. I’m thinking it might be nice if some ended up displayed at some quilt shows…….   (now I’ve said it I might just have to suggest that in the support group!)

There have been several notable moments along the way……. a few cries for extra fabrics.  A few, ‘what do you mean by’,  needing further explanations, but I’m so proud of all of you, not one question on how to do Bargello, the instruction sheets & help videos I made must have worked!!  🙂  🙂  🙂

We’ve discovered that 2nd class post reaches The Isle of Lewis within 24hrs from Cornwall, amazing, yet it has problems getting to Devon…….

The group has had a few operations and family happenings along the way, happies and not so happies, but you’ve all played wonderfully together! 🙂

‘Colourful Outlook on Life’ will be available from the New Year as a BOM if anyone is interested in having a go now the design is out in full view???

‘Deco Daze’ my next Mystery Quilt BOM should be ready to launch in February….. think Deco, blue, denim & chambray’s…….. then……

”Stash n Scrap Again’ I’m aiming at a June/July start………..


‘Rubies & Cream’ has started but you can join in whenever you want….. the patterns so far are available in my shop on this website….

‘Dragonfly BOM’ is on-going, start whenever you want…….. patterns available here:

If you have any ideas you’d like to see made into a design maybe give me a nudge, you never know what I’m up to next.  If you’d like more info on any of the quits please do message me, I’ll replay as soon as I can.

Happy stitching everybody!

Abbie xxx