This mystery is all about happy, cheerful, warmth and creativity…..I hope!! That’s certainly how I see it anyway.

Sunflowers are my happiest flower (freesias my best smelliest!). Yellow is my favorite colour, it personifies ‘happy’ for me, (a warm yellow mind, I’m not into acid yellows, they jar the nerves a bit) so I thought it might be good to start this new year with a bit of happy, the last year having proven to be, not quite, what was advertised on the label.

Having said all that positive stuff, I have to admit, I’m sat here on New Year’s Day writing this blog as I didn’t want to tempt fate by preparing it ahead of time! ….not that I’m superstitious as a rule, I just didn’t trust 2020 not to lob a spanner in the works at the last moment!!

Behind the ‘Mystery’ is a field of Sunflowers, I was thinking the more the merrier in truth, you can never have too many Sunflowers! They’re very clever plants you know, they follow the sun and turn to each other to protect.

There are 25 blocks, all 8”x8” finish, so a nice size to work with and not a huge finish with a 4” border (48”x48”), although you could happily finish at 40”x40” or add further borders to make it whatever size suits you.

Blocks are pieced with appliqué and/or embroidery, whatever suits you. My sample is mixed, a bit of hand embroidery and Bondaweb appliqué. Bondaweb suits me as its quick, can cope with intricacies and lets the fabric stay quite soft and flexible. Obviously you use whatever appliqué method suits you, or not…… I think it could look fabulous with just embroidered blocks…….

The Mystery BOM will run over 6months. Each month you will receive 4 or 5 full sized paper patterns with full instructions on how to complete. I include photos in the how to and you’ll get my original notes on/with the pattern, including warnings and best practice hints as I’ve found them as I’ve made the original sample.

Payment is split into 2 parts, or if you’d like monthly please contact me directly. These payments include the postage of your monthly patterns. First post out is on or about 20th Jan and monthly thereafter. Sign up here in my UKQU shop…….

There is a fabric kit you can purchase as extra if you’ve not enough jolly fabrics in your stash n scrap pile. It includes over 20 Makower fabrics as I’ve used, blues, greens, yellows & browns.

There will be a private help & support group on Facebook for those taking part to ask questions and share photos and ideas and I’m always about to offer help as needed.

To me, a long gaze at this quilt is as good as a huge dose of vitamin D and happy, which I for one am happy to accept daily!

At present the quilt top is with Sarah at Ambleside Longarm Quilting in Kilkhampton for her to work her magic with the quilting for me…….. I’m busy designing the next Mystery BOM!! ……small furry animals if I can get the eyes to work well enough …… or not!!

If anyone has any suggestions for a future Mystery topic, please do tell!!

Now just to wish EVERYONE a very happy and jolly 2021!!

Be Lovely!!

Abbie xx