Welcome to 2019. Hope you have all had a wonderful time. I thought I’d have a little review of the last year, rather than making a resolution. I go to a U3A embroidery group, last year we decide to do a travelling journal/book round robin. You start with an empty book and make a bit of work to go in it. At the allotted time (once a month in our instance) the books get passed along to the next person who also adds a piece of work too it.

Of course who insisted being in my books? Yes you’ve guessed it Gulliver. Each piece of work became about what he had been up to the previous month. Here are a couple of examples.


Last Feb it snowed, of course he had to build a snowman. Love their matching hats !


And in Nov he came on holiday with us to  Athens. I’m glad the guards didn’t spot him trying his hand at their walk!

These little panels are such fun to make.

Of course over the festive season he got up to all sorts of mischief and insisted he was the fairy on top of the  Christmas tree


At least he kept that naughty elf in check. But come down now Gulliver it’s almost time to put the tree away.

 I do hope you will join us and see what he gets up to in 2019.