I love fabric – I am a fabriholic, and the chance to review fabric is right up my street. I think that someone must have been thinking of me particularly when I was sent this fabric to review. I was sent some lovely fabric, Disney Stax by Eugene Textiles available from The Cotton Craft Co. The design is Mary Poppins – which seems highly appropriate as I’m often found looking after 6 of my grandchildren (I currently have 8 grandchildren), and they call me ‘Nanny’. Looking after all these children means that I need some downtime in my sewing room from time to time.

The fabric arrived at the right time – a time when I needed a bit of a pick-me-up. I was sent a pack of 4 fat quarters. The fat quarters are designs with backgrounds of white, powder pink, powder blue and dark brown. It is a good quality 100% cotton, and is in muted colours – even the dark brown background of one of the fabrics tones in beautifully. The designs include pink roses, blue flowers and the famous “I’d know that silhouette anywhere: Mary Poppins!” silhouette, complete with the umbrella. Two of the fabrics features Mary Poppins in gold, whilst the other two have her in pink. There is additional gold detailing, taking the form of Mary Poppins (the name), a rocking horse, and the snow globe of St Paul’s Cathedral. I was so eager to make things with these fat quarters, that I forgot to take a photo of the pack when it arrived, so this photo will have to suffice.

In order to showcase these fabrics I decided to make a book cushion. There were two reasons for this choice of project; one is that it was quick to make, and secondly – my grandchildren enjoy having stories read to them, and one of them likes reading these stories to us as well. The project took a couple of hours to put together, and would have taken less time had I not been looking after my grandchildren on the same day.

The book cushion, showing two of the books my husband has recently re-bought, so he can read them to the grandchildren – and have the grandchildren read them to us (he’d read them to his sons, and has raved about them)
The book cushion without the books. I put additional binding on the pocket, and lined it too, so that it can withstand the frequent removal and insertion of books and magazines.

These fabrics hold their shape well, and do not fray quickly. They seem to me to be a medium weight of cotton – they feel good quality, and work well for a project such as this. The label includes washing details on the back which is useful for those who are unsure of the best way to care for fabric with metallic details. One thing to be aware of with this fat quarter pack, is that the size of the fat quarter is not the same as we are used to from British shops; these fat quarters are 18” x 21” – which is due to the measurements being based on a yard of fabric, whereas in the UK we usually buy our fabric by the metre. I am sure that this range will be very popular, especially with those who love Mary Poppins. The designs are timeless, and are sure to find their way into many a quilters’ stash – and also into many diverse projects.

Washing instructions