On a rather dull and wet Saturday in February, I set of with a car full of ladies to Fremingtom, North Devon. Why you might ask, Well Crosspatch Quilters were hosting a Doughty’s Fabric Roadshow.

Crosspatch Quilters have been meeting in North Devon for over 30 years and have around 36 active members at present. They meet on the second Saturday of each month in Fremington Parish hall for the day (10am-4pm). This is the third year I have paid them a visit for the roadshow.

Throughout the year Doughty’s take their fabric on the road. Many of you would have seen them at some of the shows you attend, but did you know that your group can apply to host a roadshow.

The team turn up with a couple of vans full to the top with a wide selection of fabric, wadding and thread. This is then unloaded and stacked onto long tables.


The roadshow is very well organised and members of the host group help with the sorting of fabric etc. On the roadshow I attended there was a wide selection of fabrics on display. There was a good selection of plains as well as low volume blenders. Doughty’s plain cottons were priced at £6pm and the blenders £7pm. There was also a selection of backing fabric on offer.

Along the other side of the hall there was a huge selection of batiks stacked along the table in colour order.


Off to the side of the hall there was another small room that had boxes of pre-cut fabrics and a thread display. Most pre-cuts were Fat quarters that ranged in price from £1.25 to £3.25.






















The roadshow was very well attended and was busy all day. The ladies from Crosspatch Quilters provided the all important coffee and cake, and a special mention has to go to the Coffee and Walnut cake on offer, which is worth the visit.

You might ask yourself what did I buy, well I went with a list and stuck to it (well almost). I left, happy with 2 bolts of wadding, some batik and 4 FQs of plain fabric.

You can find a list of dates for Doughty’s Roadshows here. I had an enjoyable day with lovely company and would recommend a visit to one of the roadshows near you.


      1. Christine Hutchins

        I should be on a fabric ban, but as I’m making Project Linus quilts – I justify it that way! It certainly was good to stroke the fabric, and I had a lovely chat with one of the Doughty’s chaps.