The Annual FART [for those who are already wondering .. Fabric Aquisition Road Trip] happens every September for the Sewing Group I am part of.   This year Our Quilty Pleasures decided to check out the delights of Scarborough in East Yorkshire.  Nothing to do with the Scarborough Sewing Centre being the main attraction of course .. not half!

Saturday Morning started fine and bright, and twelve us from our Group set off with high expectations of encounters with fabric and the promise of fish and chips afterwards.    Three carloads set off across the bridge into neighbouring Yorkshire.

After a couple of unexpected detours to find the car park [never trust the sat nav or travel with Jeannie and me],  we arrived safely to be met with lovely smiles from Vanessa and Phil who own the Scarborough Sewing Centre in Scarborough.  The range of fabrics stocked in this lovely, friendly shop is massive, ranging from lovely batik, almost every colour cotton you might imagine, right up to the lovely Liberty fabrics.

It’s not only fabrics, there’s an excellent range of buttons, threads and notions to satisfy most requirements and panels with limited ranges of pre-cuts, jelly rolls and bali-pops too for those who want them.

Vanessa and Phil are happy to advise and will cut any length from half a metre upwards from the hundreds of bolts of fabric.   You could easily while away a full day just choosing what you want.

The shop is well placed with nearby parking, but it is the seaside after all, and our day out, so a visit to the seaside was a given.  The weather was glowering overhead but determined to enjoy the day we set off for the seafront on foot.   Now if anyone knows Scarborough they will know its situated at the base of a pretty steep cliff, with lots of steps to walk down.   The going down is fine, it’s the coming back up that hurts, but the funicular railway, one of the few left in the UK, takes you up in a jiffy .. and it’s quite fun too.

But before we came back to the carpark there’s one thing you have to do at the seaside isn’t there .. a plate of good old Fish and Chips!     We chose Papas, which is gradually becoming well known across the UK.  What we didn’t realise that we were their very first customers in their new restaurant on Scarborough Sea Front.   We were served by the owner’s son, Dino Papas, with one of the broadest smiles we had seen.   The meals were yummy .. and although it was their first service they were very professional indeed.

A visit I would recommend for sure .. and did I buy anything .. well, that’s what we were there for eh!



  1. Corinne Curtis

    I’d definitely recommend this as a day out for any quilt group within a couple of hours drive, or as a side trip if you are holidaying nearby. I love Scarborough Sewing Centre for their range and their prices and the fact that if you can’t get there, if you contact them via facebook and they will help you choose fabrics (by photo) that they can post to you. Great to be able to get a gluten free meal at Papas too.