June Tailor Mix ‘n Match Hearts

These are made of a flexible plastic and come in a variety of shapes. I was lucky enough to receive the hearts (love hearts!) to review but they also come in stars, circles and leaves amongst others. There are six shapes in each set reducing in size from roughly 5 inches down to 1 1/2 inches, all held together on a little metal loop. Handy when hanging up in my sewing room so I don’t loose them.

The plastic is good enough to draw around but is not suitable for rotary cutters. It is slightly rough on one side, smooth on the other, to help with grip when placed on fabric. The shape is a pleasing ‘curly’ heart shape but what can we use it for? Well, appliqué is the obvious choice but I’ve also used them as an outline for hand quilting and they could be used for any crafts, not just P&Q.

Hand quilting 

This is only a simple thing but I’d thought I’d give you an idea on what I’ve done with hearts appliqué in the past. We wouldn’t be into Patchwork if we didn’t like to up-cycle so this idea not only uses an old pair of jeans but gives you a handy storage for your plastic bags.

Carrier Bag Holder

Take one leg off an old pair of jeans.

Using bond a web technique (see below if unfamiliar with this), fix hearts to the leg and finish the edges. I used hand buttonhole stitch as it was easier than trying to wrestle it through my machine!

Hem a channel for elastic at bottom 

I cut off the hem from the bottom then turned up a new hem as a channel for elastic. Sew the elastic into a loop but not so tight as you can’t get the bags out!

Hem top & attach handle

Turn over a hem at the top edge and fix a hanging loop or handle at the top.

Hang and fill with your stray carrier bags.

Bonded Appliqué 

Bond-a-web appliqué.

Trace the hearts, or other shape, onto the paper side of the Bond-a-Web. (If tracing a different shape that is directional you will need to reverse the image.)

Cut out loosely around the shape allowing around 1/4” do NOT cut out on the line yet!

Iron onto the wrong side of your chosen fabric. Cut out shape on the line.

Remove the paper from the shape. (Scratch the paper with a pin or scissors being careful not to tear fabric. This will help loosen the paper to peel it off.)

Position the shape where you want it. Iron in place.

Finish the edge with a hand buttonhole stitch or machine satin, zig zag or buttonhole.

Thanks to EQSUK for the product in this review.

Helen Kent,

British Patchwork and Quilting Magazine.