June Tailor Press-Mate

I recently bought the June Tailor Press-Mate, I thought it looked good for squaring up blocks when pressing.

I bought it on Amazon and I didn’t read the reviews first! I always read the reviews but for some reason I read them after placing my order. Well the reviews weren’t good, had I read them first I wouldn’t have ordered.  But this just shows you that everyone is different!

Anyway it arrived, and I placed it on my ironing board. So much for the reviews, it fitted perfectly which surprised me as I have a really large ironing board, and some said it didn’t fit their ironing boards. In fact size wise it couldn’t have been more perfect, considering I can’t find a normal ironing board cover to fit as they are always too small, so this was a ‘win win’ as I wanted a new cover.

Now it’s not padded but that’s not a problem, and I did put if over the top of the cover that was already on the ironing board.

The next thing I did was to get my patchwork rulers and measure the markings on the cover and yes they are perfect.

So here’s a few photos, and all I can say is measure your ironing board to check it will fit, I’ve included some photos of the markings.

As you can see here it measures blocks up to 14″ 

The Centre for squaring up
As you can see it measures 52″ in length


Using the centre squares for squaring up (now I did rotate this so it was the right way-but!) 

Please leave a comment if you buy this, and let us know what you think.

Chris Cross Corner