What do you do..you’ve lost your mojo and can’t get that feeling back.

I’ve been patching for many years and this seems to happen occasionally..so what do you do?

You have all the equipment and more than enough fabric and you’re probably feeling a little guilty that you should be getting on with something..but you just can’t be bothered.

So..take a break and try a little something else..keep it simple and a quick make so that you have something to show for it at the end of the day/week.

One of my best friends was struggling with bad health and didn’t have the energy to make anything. Knowing she was interested in making a soft toy, I searched the internet and bought her the Luna Lapin and friends book for Xmas. So when I found the Luna Lapin book in The Works for a fiver I thought I’d buy it too and keep her company. We use to be neighbours and spurred each other on all the time but we live miles apart now, thank goodness for WhatsApp. We keep in touch by showing each other our progress. This hopefully helps her through dreadful treatment and helps me knowing I can do this little bit to help her.

Now I’m not a big soft toy maker but theres something very endearing about Luna and her cute wardrobe of clothes. I’m lucky to have a 4 year old granddaughter to make this for for Easter as she is not into chocolate!

Luna Lapin

There’s even a Luna Fb group where you get a daily show of cuteness.

I decided to make a mini quilt first and used the mini mosaic method. I love doing this as you are assured perfect corners…and found the perfect chair to place her in.

Luna takes a little siesta

Next is her coat..I chose a beautiful cerise pink felt…she’s looking so snazzy…

Luna’s new coat

Next I made a diddy bag, the patches are just half inch, ‘sew’ teeny…

Luna’s ready to shop

I still need to make some more clothes in time for Easter.

So if you’ve lost your mojo, try a small project to satisfy the stitch fix, and you’ll soon be back on track….happy stitching!