I love hearts…do you? A heart to me means ‘love’, that sounds very schmaltzy I know, but without love where would we be?

Love can be the happiest and saddest time for some, sadly we all remember who said ‘whatever love is’ when asked if they were in love?

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching I did a little research into the romance of quilts. I particularly like the fact that ladies used old letters…maybe love letters, to use for hexi papers when sewing their English Paper Pieces (EPP). Did they leave them in as a keepsake? Or maybe if they were jilted, did the needle stabbings help with the healing process?…I jest!

In the 1800s some young girls made a Baker’s dozen quilt tops, 12 utility and finally a masterpiece before they wed. The completion of the quilts were made during their engagement, no doubt to keep their future family snug and warm. Also it was traditional  for mothers to make each of her children a quilt for when they left the nest…nothing changes eh?

Hearts are often found in patchwork, and they are a particular favourite of mine. These are a few of my patterns and some can be found here on Ukqu.co.uk website


Stained Glass Heart

Patchwork Needlecase Heart

Starry heart

Heart Infinity

Heart Infinity

Mini mosaic heart


Loveletter placemats


Making good use of selvedges

So if you love someone, make them a little heart and show them you love them…sometimes all you need to say is ‘ I love you’.