Never in our wildest dreams would we have ever  imagined the changes to daily life we have had to make over the last couple of months. Who would have thought that we would be disinfecting shopping and parcels as they come into the home. That does leave the question, what are the most hygienic bags we could use?

Over the last few years, most of us have made the change to reusable bags to help the environment but even if we wipe them after each use, we can never be really sure they are really clean. The best bags are those you can wash at high temperature. This is where our fabric shopping bags come into their own.

Simple shopping totes are easy to make. You could even make them in different colours for meat and general groceries or pet food. You can use new fabric and chose patterns to suit your personality or, like I did recently, you can make them from recycling old sheets or table cloths.

During this time when hygiene and cleanliness is a priority, you can use your fabric bag and, once you’ve unpacked your shopping, it can go straight in the washing machine. Using cotton fabric will mean you can use a high temperature. Once dry, you are ready to take your bag shopping again.

So, are you ready to start bag making? I am, and starting June 1st, I’m running a special free bag making week to encourage everyone to shop in style, hygienically.

Come and join me in Let’s Sew – Bags, a free week long bag extravaganza.

Sign up here to join in.

If you’ve never sewn bags before, don’t worry, I will explain the process step by step throughout the week. If you already know how to make bags, then you can sew along with us too. We will have a Facebook group to get to know each other and to share photos. Come on, Let’s Sew-Bags to shop in style, hygienically.