The other day was fine – dry, warm, not raining – so a friend and I met up for a suitably socially-distanced picnic in my garden. I’d been over to visit Ann in her new garden (but not house!) just after the lockdown was eased and we had a picnic in her garden, wandered around, discussed various plants, weeds, design ideas – as you do – before settling down to the really serious business of the day which was discussing quilting and classes, or lack of. Ann had managed to get her longarm machine set up in the new house and had been busy making a start on the backlog of quilts that had built up during the great move just before the lockdown. I’d taken with me various quilt tops that I’d made or finished off during the lockdown and we discussed quilting designs that I could achieve – as I knew Ann was snowed under, and she was running out of wadding as well. She did say that she had an earlier one of mine that she could still do but wasn’t going to do anything fancy, just a meandering doodle. Which was fine because I’d said it was just a scrap quilt I’d earmarked to go to Siblings Together whenever it was possible to deliver/send quilts there again. Instead I brought home a number of completed quilts to go to Linus.

So this week Ann came to me. She said she had a lot of ‘stuff’ for me. And she wasn’t wrong! A large box with all the plant pots and seed trays (now empty) which I’d taken with me a couple of months ago to go into her new garden as well the now quilted scrap quilt. But she also had five other quilts from various sources for Siblings Together for me to deliver at some point when I’ve managed to put bindings on them. Ah. My least favourite part of quilt-making. Oh well.

And then she produced another bag. Bet you can’t guess what’s in here she said. No. I couldn’t. I found it when we moved she told me. She had spent the last 20+ years thinking it was a roll of wadding at the back of the cupboard but when she pulled it out the other week to use the wadding she found rolled up inside it a quilt top, together with a calico backing, I had given her (or she had volunteered to quilt) as a practice piece for her new machine.

I had completely forgotten all about it. Some months ago when searching for fabric for another quilt I had come across a chunk of a striped fabric that I dimly remembered cutting into triangles to make a spiderweb-style quilt but it hadn’t worked the way I wanted. I had an even vaguer recollection of actually making some sort of top eventually and of giving the remaining triangles away slightly more recently to someone to make a charity quilt with – they were just what they wanted. But I had no memory of doing anything with the quilt top. And now, here was Ann with that quilt top I had made and she had found and quilted. And you know what? It looks great – I really like it now.

And that striped fabric – whisper it quietly – is polyester sheeting from the local market which sold offcuts at 50p for a large bag full. And I had kept that left-over chunk I found and have just enough to make a binding.