The sun is shining as I write and holidays are approaching. I sew virtually every day and when going on holiday I just can’t go without taking something with me be it a little kit or a full project. But how to take your fabrics and notions without packing way too much? Something I’ve been known to do!

The first thing is to think about how you travel. You may not want to take the same things when on a long flight as you could when on a car journey but here are some tips you can try.

EPP – small travel kit

English Paper Piecing is a favourite of mine when on holiday. Easy to pack and easy to sew without having to concentrate too much, ideal for long journeys. I pack this into a little plastic box which is easy to pop into the bottom of a bag. The lid works as a mini table too. Another idea is to use the plastic takeaway boxes, obviously wash them well first!

Takeaway Tub

I also like simple embroidery for travelling. Redwork is lovely and I’ve a quilt on the go that is made up of Redwork panels which I sew just on holidays, great for long car journeys. For this I have a little bag won at the bag raffle stand at the Exeter quilt show some years ago. At the time I really wondered what on earth I would use it for but it’s been my constant companion ever since containing all my bits and pieces. Whoever made it, thank you! The handles on the bag make it easy to hang in the car but you can make other versions from free patterns found on Pinterest.

Raffle Bag Prize

For flights there is the dreaded scissor question. You really need to check each airlines individual policy concerning sharps but avoid taking them at all by pre-cutting all your fabric (EPP perfect for this) and take a dental floss pack. This should cut your threads easily. Another idea is to pre thread and cut several needles so you have them ready to go. Also helps with the difficulty of trying to thread needles in low light on a moving vehicle be plane, train, boat or car!

Dental Floss, great for cutting thread!

I hope this has given you some ideas of what to pack for your holiday makes but for the ultimate holiday sewing experience I recommend you get one of these!

Sewing on the go!


  1. Teresa Barrow

    Great blog … It’s not just about travel though, can also be when you are in hospital yourself or visiting someone who is there for a while …. I am cutting out material to go with a couple of unusual fabric box kits that have card frames as my sewing recovery therapy while I am in hospital