When putting my hand up to be given a song title to interpret by making something quilty, I wasn’t at all sure I’d get a song title that I actually recognised; as I had never heard of some of the ones allocated early on!

When Sylvia gave me the title, I was relieved; I recognised it!!!

Being inspired by parts of the lyrics from my allocated song, ideas started to flow on how to approach the whole process, from idea through to execution.

Clue 1: You don’t have to be beautiful…

Starting my brainstorming as my allocated song started, I decided I was going to make something fun, rather than technically correct or even beautiful! I knew I wanted to mix techniques, ideally improv and some foundation paper piecing. I had no set finished size in mind, as long as it wasn’t too small or too large! Add to that, that I have never liked making more than two or three identical blocks, get bored really easily and don’t enjoy following instructions for too long…

Testing layouts with the improv wonky crosses

Clue 2: You don’t need experience…

In the past I have always made either small things which I can easily quilt with the help of my walking foot, or larger quilts which I can justify sending off to a longarmer. For this pierce, I realised there wouldn’t be enough time to send it off. As different ideas for the design started to appear in my head, I knew that a mini would be too fiddly and straight line quilting wouldn’t be right, so taking a cue from the lyrics ‘you don’t need experienceI decided that I’ll attempt free motion quilting and hope for the best! 

Attempting some FMQ around the crosses

Clue 3: You don’t have to be rich…

Another line from the lyrics guided me when selecting the fabrics and thereby the colour scheme. I had just taken delivery of two fat quarter packs from Aldi so I decided to use as much as possible from them. I also added in a few blacks and some extra neutral fabrics to ensure I had enough.

My go-to site for free foundation paper piecing patterns is Fandom in Stitches and thankfully they had what I was looking for! For free! The pattern which I used was designed by Kristi Lehane.


Probably waaaay too easy now?!

The answer

Mixing improv with FPP I used the wonky crosses to symbolise kisses, blown by Prince

As you’ve probably managed to guess, the song title was Kiss, by Prince; a lovely 1980’s song with great lyrics.

So, how did you do? At which clue did you guess the title? At which clue were you certain?