I’z very excited and a bit surprised even!

I’ve been busy working on my next Mystery Quilt BOM for UKQU.  I believe in and am known for, making ‘design developments’ throughout my patterns and classes, in fact my regular students shout it back at me frequently!  ………What has happened with this latest design has astounded me though, that generally takes some doing…………..

‘Rubies & Cream’ has turned out to be a quilt of 2 parts!   (…..or whatever colours you want!)

‘Rubies’ is a quilt top in its own right!  (67″x47″ before borders are added) hand or machine sewing, or be daring and mix the two!!  Those who know me know, I do whatever works to get a design result and to suit the individual…….

Based on traditional blocks, that have been ‘Abbie’d’.  (This apparently is a valid term according to my students, seems I ‘Abbie’ things!)   Anyway, once I’d completed the sample I quickly realised that many would like the quilt top as is, without the ‘Cream’ applique that is destined to go all over the top.  Those that have seen it (I do gather limited feedback on new designs & trial them before I unleash them on you all) have declared that they like it with or without the applique…..so a dilemma I have had and have hopefully responded appropriately to…..

‘Rubies’ will be the first part, over 6 months, there will be instruction for 2 or more blocks each month.  £6.80 each month which includes the postage (UK, of you’re further afield you’ll have to message me first), available for purchase from this site, either monthly or 6 monthly.  When the quilt top is put together at 6 months, you will be able to choose if you continue with the ‘Cream’ applique. You might even want to make another quilt top to continue with!   The ‘Cream’ applique part will continue over the following 6 months.  We really do need to make the full top before we applique, seems its the easiest way to complete the design….. (I used Bondaweb for my applique, but you can use any method that suits you, fiddly bits are included!!)  I’ve also used lots of Gutermann threads!!

Anyone can join in at anytime and either start at the beginning or play catch up with the patterns.  First posting will be on or about July 27th and monthly there after.


Lots of lovely fabric, as many as you want, in 2 base colours…….definite colours that contrast well.  Small scraps can be useful, but you will need some long strips for one of the blocks (I’m saying no more on that one!)……….So Ruby Reds & Cream or maybe something like dark blues & lime applique,  dark browns & orange or yellow applique,  multi coloured and black….. I think you probably get me!  So check through your stash and scraps.  You’ll immediately know the colours that will work for you as you’ll be looking at them!  You’ll need to add 1.5m of something for sashing (I did say it was based on a traditional!) but even the sashing could be all different fabrics, how jolly could that be??!!  Borders & quilting design will be optional come the end, you know what works for you.

There will be a support group via my Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/abbieannedesign/  and I’ll be available for technical help throughout.

Sign up is by purchasing your patterns from my shop on this site.  Questions?  Please message me either via this site, my facebook page or text 07940113116


It’s Playtime Everybody!!!……….  Abbie xxx

This, and more, available at the online store right now.