So many of us will be writing about The Festival of Quilts 2018. And I didn’t want to write just another review of the quilts, so…

One of the things that really struck me while I was at the FoQ’s this year.  Was people taking pictures.  There was a frenzy of picture taking, and I was among the many picture takers.

It was difficult to get a clean picture of the quilts without someone in the way taking pictures. It reminded me of when I’m in Quilting Class trying to take pictures of the quilts people have brought in to show us. Very often as I take the picture a hand creeps into the viewfinder. At first it would irritate me to have yet another picture of a Quilt with a hand on it, stroking it. Then, I thought, no, actually, this is the better picture, the one with the hand in view. 

Quilts are one of the most tactile things I can think of. What is the most natural thing to do when presented with a quilt – I expect you can feel you hand getting ready to reach out for a stroke even with me just talking about it! So I decided to embrace the hand on my quilt pictures. To the point where it was quite fun to ‘guess the hand’!

And so when I found myself getting pictures of the Festival Quilts with a head and hands holding cameras and phones I thought, ah, let’s go with the flow….. 

You are not allowed to touch the Quilts hanging at The Festival of Quilts, so what’s the next best thing – taking pictures. 

So, let’s take (in the words of Jack Johnson ‘pictures of people taking pictures of people taking pictures of people taking pictures’).

And so my Quilty Friends I give you my selection of:

Pictures of People Taking Pictures – At The Festival of Quilts 2018


I got well into it.  

I became a stealth photographer – quietly sneaking up and standing behind people as they took pictures!


Before I knew it I was timing my photos to perfection.

I had so much fun often racing to get a photographer in action.

Now remember me quoting Jack Johnson at the beginning of this post?

Well I couldn’t resist including this video from YouTube.

Someone has put together pictures of people taking pictures of people taking pictures alongside Jack Johnson singing. But be warned. After watching this video you may be left with ‘people taking picture’s syndrome.  In future whenever you see people taking pictures you will silently sing some Jack Johnson to yourself in you mind!

And before you go, just one final set of pictures of….

Oh, and by the way I had a fabulous time at The Festival of Quilts. I would highly recommend it.

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    1. Joy Morgan Post author

      Thanks for you comment Amy. It wasn’t my original plan. But sometimes the un planned things work out better. I was really pleased with the pictures but as I’m so close to it, it is hard to judge what others will think. So pleased you enjoyed my post. Joy

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  2. Joy Morgan Post author

    Hi Sue, sorry about that. It’s so frustrating because I checked it all worked before I sent it in for review and it all worked and looked good ( no computer speak on my screen) . But it’s not like my own personal blog where I can alter and control all I do. Best I can think of at the moment is to try and put the video link here in my reply and see if that works.

    1. Joy Morgan Post author

      Good morning Sue, an update on my blog post ‘Pictures of People’. But first thank you for letting me know about the issues with the links. This morning UKQU have re-published my post. I have simplified the links so the are now working on their system. If you re-read my post you will (fingers crossed) be able to link to the video and also the link at the end of my post which will take you to my own blog and post about Surviving The Festival of Quilts.