The team at UKQU HQ have a great sense of humour. They always seem to send me the obscure notions for me to try out. This one was a proper headscratcher.

However, after a quick google search, I found this you tube link for inspiration.

The particular gauge I was sent measured in millimetres rather than inches, but no fear, I know how to convert (2.5 cm = 250mm = 1 inch).

Looks good, next to check for a scant 1/4 inch (0.5 cm ish)

Yep that looks good.

Next I tried the compass function. My ability to draw circles is frankly abysmal. I use cups, saucers, whatever round object fits, and finding the centre then becomes a huge challenge.  Not only did the tool measure accurate circles,  I was also able to mark the centre. (please forgive my poor quality pictures. I only have 1 set of hands!

Lastly I tried to mark half square triangles (both sewing and cutting lines). This was a bit fiddly so would probably only use if accuracy was essential.

All in all a nifty little notion. I think that if/when I next do any dressmaking it will really help with my wonky hems and to mark button holes.

As with most clover products, it is widely available in most craft, knitting or hobby stores. However for stockist details you can email clover or call 01453 883581.

RRP £13.50.