After my recent Blog post, where I used a Moda Cake mix to make a quilt for my brother and his wife, I was asked by one of my readers to write a product review on them.

Its taken me a few weeks (snow stopped play a few times, the joys of living in rural north Wales) but here is my review / step by step guide to Moda cake mixes. 

Moda have produced a variety of recipe papers in both cake and cupcake sizes to be used with layer cakes and charm squares respectively.  I buy mine from my favourite Moda fabirc seller, but I am sure they are available from most Moda stockists.

Each sheet comes with clear instructions. To prepare you lay 2 layer cake (10 inch squares) right sides together, place a recipe card over the top and pin in place.

Next, following the instructional arrows on the sheet, use your sewing machine to stitch the 2 fabric and recipe card together.

Once sewn together, take to your cutting board and following the cutting instructions, printed on the card, cut out your Half square Triangles.

Here is a special Dotty Tip: before making the final cut, cut a notch in each square. Its saves trimming later. After cutting the notch, make the final cut, and remove the paper.

Finger press or hot iron press open, and repeat with all cut pieces, and there you have it, a large stack of HST’s waiting to be sewn together into a block.

Finally, you sew the blocks together, into a beautifully pieced patchwork, ready for quilting.

It does not make your points perfect, or make sure you stitch the block in the right direction so please forgive my shoddy sewing skills! However, I feel these recipe papers have helped me to improve my HST’s and I personally love them.